Mahalo - A Tiki Bar in the Sky

Mahalo - A Tiki Bar in the Sky

Tiki Bar! Wan Chai! New!

YalunTu  YalunTu  on 2 Jul '15

If you’ve never been to Honi Honi, the LKF Tiki Bar that doubles as the second best place in Hong Kong to meet expats (after the races), go there. Sit on the porch and drink something strong out of a watermelon.

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But here at Foodie we like to give you the low-down on the newest and shiniest bars. And they don’t get newer and shinier than Mahalo, the sister bar to Honi Honi.

Mahalo is a South Wan Chai Tiki bar and lounge inspired by the 70s and 80s that borders on the right side of tasteful over tacky. Half-indoors, half-terrace, you zip up to the top of QRE plaza and take a seat inside at the bar or outside on one of those hmm-it’s-Tuesday-but-I-will-have-a-cigar-screw-it tables.

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We went to the opening and tried EVERYTHING, which made for an excellent night and a less excellent morning the next day (crawling, crawling, water, crawling more, did we mention crawling?). But it was worth it. Here are our faves:

Dark and Stormy: The eponymous cocktail is all about balance: the right amount of spiced rum, ginger beer, and bitters, and Mahalo (like Honi Honi) nailed it. A generous pour of the good stuff, a squeezed lime, and spicy ginger beer mixes nicely to provide a fine cocktail for starting out. And continuing. And continuing some more (followed by crawling, crawling, water, crawling). 

Mauritian Journey: This comes in an awesome glass that looks like an Easter Island head and is smooth without that sugary-ness we’ve seen at subpar Wan Chai establishments. Fun and a little tart, we’d venture. If you want to make it at home, just mix Pamper especial rum, amaretto, crème de violette, blackberry and raspberry puree, lime juice. I’m just kidding – let a real bartender make it for you.

Pina Colada: An interesting twist on the Pina Colada I thought was “ok”. But every girl who tasted this went crazier than a cat with a sock of catnip. Mix Pamper blanco rum, koko kanu rum, coconut milk and syrup, and pineapple. It was So Fruit and Rum, the title of my (delicious) early 90s hip hop album. Stick with it all night or use it as a chaser when your dumb friend Simon orders a round of horrible shots.

Suerte Tequila Reposado: Or just order a shot of Suerte. A smoooooooooooth tequila (it was so smooth I could have added 7 more o’s) where you forgo the salt, lemon, and masculine bravado and instead take a simple orange slice. It was Easy & Awesome (the title of my late 90s smooth jazz album).

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So try out Mahalo, have a dark and stormy, switch to the Easter Island drink, and end on Suerte shots with a short break of Coconuts. Look at that. I’ve just planned your Friday.


29/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queens Rd East, Wan Chai; 2488 8750

Hours: 4pm to 2am.

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