Hot Drink Tip – Employees Only Takes Over MO BAR This Week ONLY

Hot Drink Tip – Employees Only Takes Over MO BAR This Week ONLY

A hot drink tip - Employees Only takes over MO Bar this week ONLY, which means you had better book all the happy hours at MO Bar this week

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Let’s keep this short and sweet: Employees Only, perennial contender for World’s 50 Best Bars, is taking over the MO Bar at the Landmark today through Friday, September 11th. Employees Only is one of my favourite cocktail bars in New York and serves delicious, BALANCED, drinks. I put it all in caps because most HK cocktails are all sugar, no spice. Or booze. Or anything else that makes a good cocktail.

Employees Only principal bartender Steve Schneider aka The Beard (which is a nickname I decided to make up for him so call him that to confuse him) will be manning the bar while Chef Julia Jaksic offers “bar snacks.” It’s in quotations because the snack are things like bone marrow poppers and butterscotch Mascarpone cheesecake. Want pictures? I do:


Every day there are three signatures and three new cocktails. 

Amelia – Ketel one, elderflower liquer, pursed blackberry, lemon juice

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Martini. This looks like a martini. I’m gonna call it a martini

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It’s good. GOOD. Good. I assume if I emphasise it in different ways you’ll believe me.

Bacon wrapped lamb chops with salsa

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Butterscotch Mascarpone cheesecake (this is very good)

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The “Beard” (Call him that. Let's get this nickname train rolling). This is the guy to order from!

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I'm also including this picture, which is either: A) The Owner of Employees Only, Igor Hadzismajlovic or B) a lovable tramp from the 1920s. You decide. Then compliment him on his moustache. He loves that. 

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MO Bar (Inside the Landmark Mandarin Oriental)

Address: 15 Queen's Road Central

Phone: 2132 0077

Email: what are you doing? You don't need an email. Just go to the bar and have a classic cocktail or a fun spin on one.

Check out our events FAQs for general info


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