Singapore F1 Eat and Drink Guide 2017

Singapore F1 Eat and Drink Guide 2017

Get your appetite in gear for the racing weekend

YalunTu  YalunTu  on 15 Sep '17

That’s right, foodies. A car race through the Lion City, blazing speeds of hundreds of miles an hour, celebrity race-car drivers and you know what? I’m not going to watch one second of it.

Because as us foodies know, life is about the edible and drinkable things: the champagne, the Wagyu steaks and the chance to eat and drink till you drop. So I’m stopping by last minute to beckon my finger, get you to lean in closely and then SCREAM AT YOU the best food and drink at the F1.

Let’s do it.


Lagnaa Barefoot Dining

We’ve just dropped down and it’s getting late, so I think we’ll be heading to Lagnaa Barefoot Dining. What’s that you ask over the sound of cars revving through the city? Yes, it has a bizarre name and, yes, it hosts a spicy challenge that once ruined me for 96 hours straight, but this traditional/non-trendy hole in the wall has some of the best Indian food you can get, well, anywhere. Order something mildly spicy and pad the stomach. I like the vindaloo and the saag, but that’s just me. We’ve got a long night ahead of us, peeps.

6 Upper Dickson Road, Singapore 207466, +65 6296 1215

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Employees Only Singapore

Next, we’re moving to Employees Only Singapore for some high-end cocktails. This was one of my favourite spots in New York and then they opened in Singapore, probably because they realised one beer costs (and I’m guestimating here) HK$29 million. The bartenders know how to make a perfect drink, so order one off the menu or just tell them your flavour profile and start savouring.

112 Amoy Street, Singapore 069932, +65 6221 7357

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Podium Lounge

We’ll end the night at Podium Lounge, the 3,000-person-strong party in the Grand Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton. Think overhead catwalk, VIP balconies, some race-car drivers I won’t recognise (and some lovely ladies I’ll pretend to recognise). Actually, don’t think about it – just go there and see it. Friday night, Fierce Angel is spinning, which I give the slightest nod to over their Saturday singer, Coolio. If you don’t know who Coolio is, YouTube immediately and get back to me.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799, +65 6337 8888

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Damn, I’m hungover. OK, that’s out of the way. Time to start drinking again. But first let’s pop over to 1-Altitude where they are hosting the world’s highest Wagyu BBQ brunch. YES! YES! Wagyu is my jam. 1-Altitude is on the 62nd and 63rd floors of One Raffles Place, making it a prime place to watch the race, or hope that your fellow diners do so while I stuff my face. We’re talking seafood, charcuterie, eggs Florentine, Fine de Claire oysters and a whole quarter of Mayura Wagyu. Score.

62/F and 63/F, One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616, +65 6438 0410

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For dinner, head to 7-Eleven and buy a sandwich. Do you know how much food we just ate?

There’s no way I’m putting in an address for 7-ELEVEN. They’re literally EVERYWHERE.

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Boudoir Blanc

For partying, we’ll end up at Boudoir Blanc. Singapore’s historic ”Red Lamp Pier” is going to be turned into a waterfront trackside ultra lounge. They promise a “feast for all senses, celebrating a decade of the Grand Prix night race in Singapore”. To be honest, I have no idea what that means, but I’m all about the champagne and finger-food life. L’chaim!

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Last day. Water. Water. Water. Gatorade. Pocari Sweat. Water. RALLY. This is only for the true hedonists out there, of which I am many. Let’s brunch at Edge, where they’re offering a “theatrical Sunday champagne brunch”. I actually do know what this means, and it means food, food, food. Nestled in the Pan Pacific hotel, this one is all about the stations: Indian, Chinese, Western, cheese, dessert – you name it – all washed down with a hearty glass of Veuve champagne. My strategy is to get a sampler plate of everything, eat it and be totally full. Then I get three more plates and feel terrible. But great at the same time. Pro tip: avoid carby stuff and splurge on the seafood instead. We’re value eaters, after all.

3/F, Pan Pacific Singapore, Marina Square, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595, +65 6826 8240

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Burnt Ends

After we’ve waddled out, let’s take a much-needed nap. Then we’ll have our next dining experience at Burnt Ends. This is modern Australian BBQ at its finest. Chef Dave’s got a four-tonne, dual-cavity, apple- and almond-wood-burning machine and custom-built grill where he smokes, slow-roasts, hot-roasts, bakes, grills and cooks directly on coals some sumptuous bites. Food here is the bomb and the whole vibe is super chill, not pretentious and yum-yum-yummy. It’s my favourite place to eat.

20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391, +65 6224 3933

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Amber Lounge

And finally we’ll head to my favourite party of them all, Amber Lounge. Amber isn’t a permanent club in Singapore but a travelling VIP party that follows the F1 around. It’s expensive, glamorous, open bar-y (yes, gotta make back that entrance fee) and full of people who are really enjoying themselves and dancing all over the place. Celebrities come. F1 drivers come. And you’ll come with me and we’ll have too many drinks and leave happy and satisfied, knowing that we’ve expertly eaten and drank our way through the Singapore F1.

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Next stop: Rugby Sevens!

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