McDonald’s Durian McFlurry Is Here!. Calling all durian fans – this one’s for you

McDonald’s Durian McFlurry Is Here!

Calling all durian fans – this one’s for you

Yanhan Tan  Yanhan Tan  on 6 Jul '18

Header photo credit: DanielFoodDiary

Love it or hate it, McDonald’s Hong Kong and Macau (at selected stores) have launched a limited-edition Durian McFlurry this week. Following in the footsteps of its Southeast Asian neighbours in Malaysia and Singapore, this exclusive flavour is only available at McDonald’s shops in Hong Kong and Macau for the next two weeks.

As this flavour has already been launched in my home town of Singapore, I took the liberty to ask around for people’s views on the latest McFlurry flavour. The consensus was mixed. Although it’s apparently made with real D24 durian purée, some said that it tastes artificial and a far cry from the real fruit.

But, c’mon, guys – it’s McDonald’s, and it’s probably another gimmicky marketing ploy to get social hype. Don’t set your expectations too high and try! And let us know what you think post-tasting.

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Yanhan Tan

Yanhan Tan

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