5 Reasons Why We Love this Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving Set. Specially curated by local artisan smokehouse and butcher CRFT PIT, this Thanksgiving set steers away from tradition – in a good way

5 Reasons Why We Love this Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving Set

Specially curated by local artisan smokehouse and butcher CRFT PIT, this Thanksgiving set steers away from tradition – in a good way

Yanhan Tan  Yanhan Tan  on 11 Nov '18

Move aside Halloween pumpkins and bring on the roast turkey for Thanksgiving! While Thanksgiving is all about sticking to tradition, we were psyched to find out that local artisan smokehouse and butcher CRFT PIT has specially curated an Asian-inspired feast, taking a creative spin on some of the Thanksgiving classics.

Here are five reasons why we love CRFT PIT’s Thanksgiving menu:

1) The smoked turkey

CRFT PIT Thanksgiving

Let’s start off with the centrepiece of every Thanksgiving: the turkey. Unlike a conventional roast turkey, CRFT PIT offers an Asian rendition – it’s smoked with oak and hickory, glazed with sugar cane, lemongrass, garlic and honey, nestled on a bed of long bean salad and paired with a sweet Thai chilli cranberry sauce. Despite the absence of the usual stuffing, we didn’t think much of it as there were just too many other delicious distractions coming from the sides – read on to learn more...

2) The Asian-style Frito pie with deep-fried wonton chips
CRFT PIT Thanksgiving

We all know how amazing deep-fried wonton skin can be. Now, imagine it in a Frito pie, replacing the corn chips, along with generous servings of chilli and pulled pork and dollops of house-made cheese sauce. ‘Nuff said.

3) The smoked loaded baked potatoes in rendang sauce

CRFT PIT Thanksgiving

I've always known that rendang works terrifically with rice, but I only recently discovered the magical combination of potato and rendang. Featuring both sweet and russet potatoes, the potatoes were tender and thoroughly permeated with rendang goodness. Topped with semi-cooked egg, this dish was extra Insta-worthy.

4) The corn tater tots

CRFT PIT Thanksgiving

At first glance, this side dish shares an uncanny resemblance to the tater tots we all know and love. But upon first bite, confusion might hit you. Its texture is akin to potato, but wait a minute... that isn’t potato. It’s lo bak go (turnip cake)! Add grilled corn, CRFT PIT’s double-smoked bacon and lobster XO sauce to the mix, fry ‘em cubes to golden perfection and there you have it: next-level corn tater totes. This dish is even sprinkled with caviar for that extra-fancy touch.

5) The sweet ending

CRFT PIT Thanksgiving

Inspired by the founder’s Canadian background and his love for Canadian beaver tails, the tánggāo dessert in the Thanksgiving set is everything you need and want for that perfect sweet ending. How can you resist that sinful beignet-like doughnut, coated generously in sugar, drizzled with peanut butter and stuffed with a slice of bourbon-laced peach? You just can’t.

Priced at $2,388 per set (feeds 6–8), this Asian-inspired Thanksgiving feast from CRFT PIT comes with a whole Asian smoked turkey, six side dishes and dessert. Check out the catering menu for more details!

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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