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The Foodie Forks 2020

The Winners are In!

Nominate your top choices in F&B as we celebrate those working daily and innovating in the kitchen during these difficult times.

We want to recognise the hard work happening within this inspirational industry now more than ever.

Each year, we celebrate the best in the world of food. Now in our ninth year, we believe we have more reason than ever to celebrate the commitment and discipline of those toiling daily in Hong Kong to keep us eating well, especially when times are tough. We feel it's important to show our favourite restaurants a lot of love, appreciating how particularly hard the F&B industry has been hit while we all face difficulties in the current times.

Foodie will donate $10 per vote

We are donating to our 2 favourite charities - Pei Ho Counterparts and Feeding HK. Read more here!

With your hard earned votes, you will choose the best tastes, faces and places in our fine food city by sending across your pledges to those that have earned your stomach’s respect and votes for everything from the best green eats to best new restaurant.

Taking part in Foodie Forks is super easy, all you have to do is click here to nominate your favourite eateries and people behind the scenes to ensure they get the props they deserve.

The Winners are In !

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Lee Kum Kee was established in 1888 when its founder Mr. Lee Kum Sheung invented oyster sauce. With a glorious history of over a hundred years, Lee Kum Kee has become an international household name as well as a symbol of quality and trust. READ MORE

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Guests of The Murray will experience new encounters and timeless pleasures, and an opportunity to discover new styles, tastes and cultures through its unique signature experiences.

Built in 1969, the building has won multiple awards for ground-breaking and energy efficient design. Sir Norman Foster’s team at Foster+Partners has accepted the challenge to re-design the architectural and interior finishes and is now bringing this magnificent building to life as a celebration of the past and future. READ MORE

2019's Foodie Forks Winners:

Best Restaurant:

Where you go for a special occasion

    Readers' Choice: BELON

    Editors' Choice: Arbor

Best New Restaurant:

What new eatery made a mark on your taste buds

    Readers' Choice: Franks

    Editors' Choice: Roganic

Best New Bar:

Where’s the hottest new spot in town for a tipple

    Readers' Choice: Terrible Baby

    Editors' Choice: Hugger Mugger

Chef of the Year:

Who cooked you a meal that you still remember

    Readers' Choice: Palash Mitra

    Editors' Choice: Shane Osborn

Best Desserts:

Your sweet tooth will tell you the answer to this one

    Readers' Choice: Igloo Dessert Bar

    Editors' Choice: Plumcot

Best Cafe:

Who serves up the best cuppa in town

    Readers' Choice: NOC

    Editors' Choice: Fineprint

Best Green Eats :

Who is doing the best vegetarian menu options, even if it’s also serving meat

    Readers' Choice: Mana!

    Editors' Choice: Veda

Hidden Gem :

Reveal that great place you cherish that never seems to get any love

    Readers' Choice: Lamees

    Editors' Choice: The Spice House

Food Hero:

Tell us who inspired you in the world of food this year

    Readers' Choice: Tom Burney

    Editors' Choice: Larry Tang

Most Inspiring Initiative :

An enterprise that has a philanthropic, community, or environmental purpose that inspired you in the world of food

    Readers' Choice: The Last Straw Movement

    Editors' Choice: hc: Bistro

Lifetime Achievement Award:

The Foodie Lifetime Achievement Award for the best HK institutions that have stood the test of time in this fickle environment.

    Gaylord Indian Restaurant

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