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Limewood, a must-visit beach restaurant at The Pulse in Repulse Bay, continues to be one of Hong Kong’s hottest summertime spots since its opening four years ago. It’s well known for serving an all-day menu consisting of BBQ comforts, Mexican-inspired dishes and creative cocktails.

Now, the ambitious kitchen has whipped up a new breakfast menu (9–11am) to attract early risers in the area. Despite the limited time for breakfast, Limewood’s menu expansion is a radical addition to the neighbourhood.

Limewood Hong Kong

Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are incorporated, and notable drinks such as Orange Remedy ($65), a pressed blend of carrot, orange, turmeric and pineapple, hit us with a burst of vitamin C first thing in the morning. The fresh watermelon juice ($70) is another great way to start your day.

Limewood Hong Kong

Overall the breakfast dishes are reasonably priced and generous in portion. Even comfort food such as the bacon and egg roti ($120) has clout. A sunny-side-up egg crowns the dish, and in between the roti and bacon, a mild chilli relish gives a bit of punch to the dish. Limewood is the only place I have been to in Hong Kong where the bacon has been perfectly cooked and crispy.

Limewood Hong Kong

The only Mexican-inspired dish on the breakfast menu is huevos rancheros ($120), and it’s presented in a piping-hot skillet topped with fresh herbs, pickled onion, a sunny-side-up egg and melted cheese, with thin, crisp tortillas on the side. Very hearty, this plate is perfect for sharing. It’s one of the best breakfast dishes I’ve had in a long time, moving away from your typical pancakes and avocado toast. It was devoured in seconds!

Limewood Hong Kong

Limewood Hong Kong

You can expect pure nourishment from the vegan- and vegetarian-friendly menu options such as the green brekkie bowl ($160) and chia and almond milk pudding ($120). Both dishes appear simple but are vivid in detail.

In the brekkie bowl, a luscious, meticulously placed variety of fresh spinach, kale, chrysanthemum leaves, carrot, charred avocado, quinoa and seasoned cashews are topped with a poached egg. Once it’s all mixed up, a hidden lemon and coconut vinaigrette comes as a surprise, making each bite taste exotically creamy.

If you have a sweet tooth, the chia pudding is nutty and slightly tart, topped with coconut yoghurt. Generous with the toppings – roasted nuts, cacao nibs, berries – it has a pretty rainbow design.

Limewood Hong Kong

The waffles ($110) are a luxury addition – a must-try to end breakfast. Topped with a spread of coconut yoghurt and a pile of fresh fruit, the waffles are drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate. You can skip the maple syrup here.


A lot of us have likely walked by or popped into Limewood during an afternoon at the beach, but this is a great opportunity to wake up early and try their breakfast. The atmosphere remains relaxed, and it’s much quieter versus the afternoon, when The Pulse can be like a zoo. The breakfast menu is particularly appealing to families and fitness fanatics post-workout. Hopefully they can extend the service into brunch by the beach as well.

Shop 103–104, G/F, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, 2866 8668, book online

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