Our award-winning Food’s Future Summit returns for a second year this September – expanded and improved! We’ll continue to discover the taste of things to come, plus explore game-changing and cross-disciplinary innovations and developments that will have an impact on our appetites, investments and survival.

Here’s who might especially enjoy the food for thought at the Food’s Future Summit 2018:

F&B and hospitality industry players

If you’re in the F&B or hospitality industry, the future of food might seem far removed from your day-to-day operations and considerations. But, trust us, it’s important to take a step back and set aside some time (specifically, 21–22 September 2018) to stay abreast and ahead of the trends and developments taking place in the wider dining scene.

On Day 1, learn from and network with movers and shakers in the F&B industry as they share their insights on staying relevant and anticipating future trends, as well as their experiences in striving to be both environmentally responsible and economically viable. Find out which burgeoning consumer trends you must pay attention to (e.g., faux meat: is it a passing fad or here to stay?) and how to access the dining dollars and Instagram feeds of post-millennials, your next generation of customers.

Learn more about how technology can change the dining industry and businesses like yours, from harnessing data to optimise business operations, to understanding how exactly blockchain (not just another buzzword) can revolutionise the world of food. Yep, even if you just make it to Day 1 of the Summit, it promises to be an intense experience.


Savvy investors are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve foresight, gain insider knowledge and discover the next big thing on the horizon. Well, look no further. On Day 1of the Summit, meet and connect with VCs and fellow investors who’re placing their bets in the food space and hear from game-changing business and industry leaders.

Join discussions about sustaining green businesses, staying ahead of the curve and adapting to changing appetites with the heads of award-winning restaurant groups and founders of innovative food companies. Explore the breath of emerging technologies and see why their application in food is one of the fastest-growing sectors and find out how governments, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and NGOs are approaching this space.

Special speaker Josh Tetrick, CEO of JUST, will also share how his food-manufacturing company became the beacon of Silicon Valley’s plant-based food technology and what’s next on the cards in his quest to revolutionise food’s future.

Tech insiders

Speaking of the new, this year’s Summit is all about the latest and greatest in food technology. With data and crypto already taking the world by storm, see how their application in food and dining is the next key frontier. Think you already know all that the Hong Kong and Greater China market has to offer? Join us on Day 1 to find out what transformative food technologies and systems that Sweden, one of the world’s most sustainable and progressive countries, will be rolling out in the coming years. Interested in what it takes to run a food-tech start-up? Or what goes into creating meaty non-meat alternatives? Head to one of the many panels spearheaded by Hong Kong and the US’s hottest food developers. More importantly, network with all the key contacts you’ll need, whether you’re looking to start out or level up in your field.

Food lovers

Being a foodie isn’t just about having the best restaurant recommendations and recipes. It’s also about knowing your food and what’s happening in the world of dining.

Curious about what dining trends to expect in the next decade? Want to meet the restaurateurs and chefs behind your favourite dining establishments? Wondering what the hype about alternative meat and sustainable dining is all about?

On Day 1, hear from dining industry leaders as they share their vision for dining in the coming years and how they’re improving their dining experiences for you, the next generation and our planet. Or come for Day 2, when we’ll dissect and debunk all the important buzzwords and trends in the world of food. Don’t worry, it’s not all talk and no taste. Get the chance to try items like vegan eggs made out of mung beans and a plant-based pork substitute that surpasses its porcine partner in both health benefits and flavour – they might soon become as commonplace as the soy-milk option at Starbucks.

Eco-curious and eco-conscious foodies

Concerned about what’s happening with our climate and the environment and want to find out how you can eat consciously and deliciously at the same time (or at least take steps in the right direction)? Have questions about lab-grown meat? Concerned about plastic waste and food safety?

On Day 1, learn how the F&B industry is changing and trying to become more responsible for its impact and delve into the range of potential solutions to satiate our growing appetites in a more sustainable manner, from the latest technologies to developments in plant-based foods.

Bring your friends and family along to Day 2, when we’ll explore topics like urban farming (even in densely populated cities), have a chance to taste-test and debate meat alternatives, train ourselves to think in a more “circular” manner and see waste as wealth and find out how technology is helping to improve the safety of our food.


At the Summit, we’re always thinking about the future – especially when it comes to the next generation! On Day 2, get the inside scoop on clean eating and plastic-free shopping. The entire family can also enjoy food and recycling demos, video screenings and interactive workshops. Stop by our Foodie Market for a first look at some healthy snacks and eco-friendly goodies. We believe healthy habits should start early, so children under 12 can enjoy free entry on Day 2!

Check out the full agenda of the Food’s Future Summit 2018 here. Get your early-bird tickets now!

Our goal is to inspire and initiate change within the world of food.

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