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Privacy, Regulations and Copyright Stuff

So glad you asked! Find them in detail here - Privacy. Please contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any questions, complaints or comments.

We also have a long page about that! Read it here - Terms. This contains important information about copyright protection and your rights and obligations.

Foodie Events

Check out our Events Page and articles, and follow the links to buy tickets! It is FREE to join the Foodie Club & get our special Foodie Club price so please contact us if you are in doubt about whether you are a member.

Foodie Contributor FAQs

Anything you want! As long as it is related to food in some way.

Anything crass, derogatory, or defaming. This is not the comments section of YouTube; this is an insightful and helpful guide to good taste.

NO. Unless authorised by the owner of the photo, we cannot approve your article. The photos must be yours or properly approved and credited. To do this, take the name of the person whose approval you have, and link back to the source.

The articles that get published are entirely at the discretion of our editors. Given our background in publishing, and that you are appearing on Foodie’s site, if we think someone’s writing is better than another person’s, they will see more page time.

We want everyone to have a voice, and a chance to share their knowledge and personality. If you have not had your work published but you think it has potential, send an email to our digital editor and ask for some pointers.

There might have been spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, poor sentence structure and/or opportunities for information to be conveyed more effectively. We try very hard to make sure your words are as original as possible, but also that your published articles get full exposure, so we might add a line or two to ensure maximum impact.

The feature image at the top of the screen should be at least 1500 x 400. The images in the body of the article will be optimum at 800 x 400 to fit across the whole screen.

We would prefer if you did not use anything less than an iPhone 6 or the equivalent. If you don’t have photos to support your article we suggest using Flickr, Creative Commons, or other such photo sharing sites that allow for re-use of content by the copyright owner. Please ensure you credit the original owners work when you use their photo in your article.

Yes. Definitely do that! Our site makes it extremely easy to share and see how many times you have been read. How popular of an author you are is entirely in your hands! So much power.

In order to store as many gorgeous photos as possible, we've had to limit the size of each one. The main reason photos are not being accepted is because they are too big. Keep them under 1MB for now.