Beat the Bloat with this 4-Ingredient Ayurvedic Infusion

Beat the Bloat with this 4-Ingredient Ayurvedic Infusion

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By Nomita Hathiramani, biochemic therapy and nutrition consultant

We get dressed up, look great and go out to enjoy a meal. But, within an hour, we feel gassy and bloated. We wish we were back at home, cosy in bed in granny-style pyjamas.

I’m sure this scenario has happened to all of us before.

Fear not! Ayurveda has a natural remedy. Drinking this healing Ayurvedic infusion half an hour after eating not only reduces bloating but helps to cleanse the body channels and removes toxins from the body. To enhance the detoxifying process, you can make a larger quantity, pour the infusion into a thermos and sip throughout the day.



  1. Boil water for 2–3 min.
  2. After the water has boiled, add the cumin, coriander and fennel seeds.
  3. Let the spices infuse into the boiled water for 10–15 min.
  4. Strain the spices. Drink warm.

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