BREAKING NEWS: Winner of Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Competition HK & Macau Announced

BREAKING NEWS: Winner of Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Competition HK & Macau Announced

The world’s largest and most prestigious bartending competition held its 11th edition in the heart of Causeway Bay

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Ashley Tang  Ashley Tang  on 10 Jul '19

The competition was fierce. Hands were trembling, hearts were racing and mixologists were sweating.

The challenge to make six different cocktails in WORLD CLASS’ six-minute speed challenge is the ultimate test to identify Hong Kong and Macau’s best bartender. The competition’s bartenders come from some of the most notable restaurants, bars and hotels in the region.

Shelley Tai of Quinary Hong Kong
Shelley Tai of Quinary

The winner of this year’s WORLD CLASS competition in Hong Kong and Macau is the 852’s very own Shelley Tai of Quinary, who now moves on to the next round in Glasgow. Quinary, located on Hollywood Road, is famous for its tipples based on different flavour profiles and sits pretty at number 10 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list.

The WORLD CLASS judging panel consists of four of Asia’s top bartenders: Antonio Lai of Quinary, Hidetsugu Ueno of Bar High Five in Tokyo, Nick Wu of Bar Mood in Taipei and Joe Duui Hong of Vida Rica Bar in Seoul.

Diageo Reserve WORLD Class has remained instrumental in transforming cocktail culture on a global scale, and now in 60 different countries, it continues to inspire bartenders through training and advocacy, while finding and incubating the most innovative mixologists around the world.

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