You have not experienced traditional Chinese cooking until you have enjoyed Xiao Long Bao in Hong Kong. This is a type of bun that is prepared in small bamboo steaming baskets when cooked in the conventional manner. It originates from the region of Jiangnan in China. When you look at it you will notice that the steamed bun has been pinched at the top, which gives it a unique appearance. This is actually something that is traditional to Jiangnan. If you want to experience the best dim sum in Hong Kongthen you need to make sure that Xiao Long Bao is on the menu.


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Usually the bun is filled with pork. However, there have now been many adaptions of the original recipe and thus you can fill the steamed dumpling with a whole host of ingredients. This includes various meats, such as Peking duck, as well as vegetables and seafood. The choice is yours.

Of course you could take a trip to one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong to experience traditional Xiao Long Bao, but why not have a go at making it yourself? If you’re feeling brave you can follow my recipe below.

In terms of equipment you will need a bamboo steamer and a wok. Make sure the steamer is lined with parchment paper. For the ingredients you will require the following:


Xiao Long Bao dumplings

For the dumpling outer you need:

-Warm water

-Low gluten flour

-All-purpose flour


For the filling you need:

-Fresh ground pork (you could always opt for BBQ pork to add some extra flavour)

-Corn starch

-Xiao Xing Wine

-Toasted sesame oil

-Soy sauce

-Finely chopped ginger


-Black pepper


Begin by mixing all of the filling ingredients in a large bowl. Once you have done this you can start making the dumpling outer. Bunch all of the flour together on your worktop and make a well with your hands. Add water and mix until it becomes dough and can be stretched. Let this rest for roughly 20 minutes. After you have done this you should separate the dough into small pieces and then roll them into a thin circle.

After this, fill each circle with some of the meat mixture. Wrap the circle of dough around the filling and then steam them in boiling water for roughly ten minutes. The dumplings will then be ready to eat.

If you want to experience dim sum in Hong Kong, you could make a visit to Mott32. This is an exclusive fine dining Chinese restaurant situated on Des Voeux Road that has an excellent reputation for authentic Chinese cooking. The Kurobota Pork & Caviar Xiao Long Bao is one of the most loved dim sum options, with plenty of other dishes available as well.

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