Here is a video with plenty of [hashtag] foodporn and a lot of fire.

It details the benefits of cooking on Josper Grills, the very grill we use to provide that smoky, charred taste many Cali-Mex lovers crave.

For the less-versed, these are the thrills of the Josper grill:

  • Josper is a hybrid grill and oven, which means it has the flavour of the grill and the controlled cooking temperature of the oven
  • The grill has a door which means, when closed, none of the flavour or moisture can escape
  • The bars of the grill are set at normal (300 °C but this can go much higher) which marks the meat or fish attractively and cooks it swiftly
  • It uses top quality charcoal which adds the lovely oaky smokiness an outdoor barbecue lends.

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We import the premium, charcoal-based grill directly from manufacturers in Barcelona. Fat drips from the meat and into the fire, meaning the meat is far more tasty and flavoursome than if it were to be pan-grilled, or even (God forbid) deep fried.

We are also very proud to be the only non-fine-dining restaurant to utilise this grill. We ensure it has maximum impact by marinating chicken and beef for 48 hours before grilling it on the Josper.

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Charcoal grill + First grade ingredients = Tasty Mexican maths

Cali-Mex Locations:

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Cali-Mex is Hong Kong's hottest Californian Mexican style taqueria.

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