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When I think of egg waffles, I think of small crowds around a little street stall and the smoke steaming from the waffle machine. I think of the scrambling to the front of the stall, the anticipation while waiting in line, and finally, the smell of the freshly-made egg waffles when they can be finally eaten.

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This memory is probably similar to a lot of other people who live in this city; egg waffles are a popular street food in Hong Kong that date back to the 1950s. The egg-based waffle, also called Gai Daan Zai in Cantonese, has a spherical shape, a crunchy exterior and a soft interior. 

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Photo credit: Spot The Food with Andre

Lately, I’ve noticed that beyond street stalls, dessert shops have been gaining recognition for their egg waffles too. One such place is Oddies.

Oddies is a dessert place that puts its own twist on the iconic egg waffles (or “eggettes”, the name that the shop uses)“Night Wolf” seems to be a popular option, and features a chocolate chip egg waffle with banana ice cream, crumble, and a passion fruit panna cotta underneath to balance out the sweetness. The dessert echoes an old-meets-new sentiment, combining the “old” egg waffle and the “new” gelato ice cream. The menu at Oddies constantly changes, and the Chinese Sausage Eggette sounds interesting as a savoury option.

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It’s always interesting to see different and new interpretations and adaptions of classic Hong Kong desserts. The egg waffle is no exception, and foodies alike will definitely appreciate the outside-of-the-box creativity that dessert restaurants such as Oddies are bringing to the table.


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