French-Japanese fine dining dishes served in a Teppanyaki seating arrangement, was not the dining experience I was expecting from the name itself. But Wagyu Takumi is a lot more than any two words could suggest. The fine attention to details, well thought-out food journey and consistently top notch quality dishes must only be among the reasons why this place has earned itself two Michelin stars. In fact, the very reason we were here, was to try out their latest tasting menu in celebration of Chef Konishi having recently been honoured as “Chevalier dans l’Ordre National du Merite” by the Consul General of France.  

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8 Course Tasting Menu – Impeccable Attention to Detail

I was afraid I might be embarking on an endless food journey when I saw the 8 course tasting menu, so I was contemplating the 6 course option instead. The problem with fine dining tasting menus are that they often take four to five hours and leave you restless by the fourth course. I ended up choosing the 8 course menu but thankfully the timing was impeccable here at Wagyu Takumi; I was never rushed but I never had to wait too long either. My meal finished in just over 2.5 hours – it felt perfect. The fact that their restaurant serves only 12 people maximum at a time, definitely ensures that they are on point with every small detail of your dining experience.

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I was so glad to have chosen the 8 course menu as it included the Abalone and Shimanto Seaweed with Barley Risotto, which was a signature dish and decidedly the most outstanding and memorable highlight of the night. The risotto’s sauce was so creamy and flavourful, while the use of French barley added intriguing layers of texture to the dish. The abalone on top was also seared perfectly and tender.

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Consistently Varied, Consistently Exceeding Expectations

When you’re having a tasting menu without much choice to deviate, it’s typical and expected to encounter at least two dishes which are only “so-so” or even not good. By the time we reached number five, the biggest shock was that I had loved everything so far (and I continued to do so until the end). The food journey seemed well thought-out: lots of variety and new tastes.

We started off with 3 kinds of amuse bouche. You tend to forget about the small dishes especially when they come too early on but one of them was Raw Botan Shrimps Topped with a Velvet Smooth Cauliflower Cream – and that is a bite you just don’t ever forget about! In fact, fancy seafood ingredients aside, even the garden vegetables were unforgettable, thanks to the thick creamy asparagus sauce that accompanied this seemingly modest dish.

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Main course: Signature Wagyu Beef with Wagyu Beef Tartare

As I was reading through the main course section, where you can choose one of three options, I was tempted by each one. The third was a Charcoal-Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu Tenderloin with Wagyu Beef Tartare, which I ultimately could not say no to that. Plus it turns out this is their signature dish too. The meat quality was absolutely top notch, extremely tender and quite fatty (not overwhelmingly so). It was an excellent choice, although I’m sure any of the main courses would’ve left anyone as satisfied.

In fact, the diner next to us ordered the lobster and then had the beef tenderloin too… I was confused but indifferent at first. I then overheard him speaking to the waiter. “Actually, I’d like to try the pigeon too, because everything is just absolutely delicious!” While I wouldn’t have been able to stomach three main courses (in addition to seven other courses) in one sitting, I couldn’t agree with him more.

To end everything off, it was no surprise that the dessert would be so delicious.

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Fine Dining for Special Occasions

With so much positivity, I do dare to say this was possibly the best meal I’ve had to date, although I don’t think the chefs would be surprised to hear this at all. At the same time, it was also probably the most expensive meal I’ve had too – the 8 course costs HK$1980 and the 6 course is HK$1580. That being said, I think it was definitely worth it, and I’m already thinking of revisiting on the next special occasion!

Wagyu Takumi
Shop 1 G/F, The Oakhill
16 Wood Road
Wan Chai

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