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After an hour long ride on the 61X bus from Central we had worked up quite the appetite. We met a group of some serious foodies at the Tuen Mun MTR and we took a 15 minute taxi ride to Red Seasons Aroma Restaurant in Tuen Mun.

We had a hankering for some roast suckling pig and had read and heard from reliable sources that Red Seasons in Tuen Mun was epic so we had to go check it out for ourselves. Because of its remote location in Hong Kong we assumed it would not be very full. Boy were we wrong about that – it’s the hottest place around. Thank goodness we booked our table for 12 in advance and pre-ordered our roast suckling pig. The place was booked solid and is clearly a favourite among locals.

Red Seasons Aroma Restaurant Featuring Best Roast Suckling Pig

Our group was seated in a VIP room in the back where a wise-cracking waitress with a great sense of humour took our orders.

Our suckling pig came out to greet us after a round of Tsing Taos and it was roasted to crispy perfection. At first we were all worried we might not have ordered enough food and promptly ordered more main dishes to share. We ended up with seven mains: fish flavoured eggplant, a large steamed grouper fish, a soy-marinated tofu stir-fry dish, a lovely and fragrant pork lung and vegetable soup dish, a roast duck, a shrimp fried rice, and steamed choy sum with mushrooms.

So, what’s the fuss?

5 reasons to make the trip all the way out to a remote village in Tuen Mun:

1. The crispy suckling pig might be enough of a reason. They roast it right next to the restaurant and it is outstanding.

2. The fragrant pork lung and vegetable soup: order a vat of this, especially on chilly nights.

3. The roast duck: there’s a hint of citrus with soy that makes this a must have.

4. It’s cheap: the final bill (which included plenty of beer) came to $160 per person

5. The Lam Tei street market: when you’re finished pigging out, go browse the winding street shops for flowers, plants and HK souvenirs.

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Pork Lung Soup

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Red Seasons Aroma Restaurant

Website / Tel: 2462 7038 

1 Lam Tei Main Street, Tuen Mun
Show your taxi driver this address in Chinese: 屯門藍地大街1號(近妙法寺)

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