The number of restaurants that have opened in Sai Ying Pun this past year has been staggering. With cuisines of all types popping up in this hillside neighborhood, we were anxious to check out the newest concept by French Creations, Flying Pig Bistro.  

The man with the plan is Chris Przemyski, who has been in Hong Kong for 13 years working for other restaurant groups, and has now found an opportunity to open a place to call his own. Although the menu does not offer one specific cuisine, the underlying element is comfort food, and we were excited to dive in.

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Chris shares with us, “when it’s your first place, you want everything to be just the way you want it.” It’s easy to spot his love for art, and his attention to detail right as you step in off of High Street. There’s a large mural painted on the walls around the restaurant, and we were impressed by the hand-crafted chandeliers and light-bulb vases, which Chris and his team made themselves from recycled materials.

The little details: light bulb vases


As we turned to the menu, it was clear that there were a number of pork dishes that we had to get our hands into. After all, it IS the Flying Pig, isn’t it?

We started our meal with the classic mini pulled pork sliders ($108), which were served on a cute chopping board with a tangy red cabbage cole slaw.  The sliders were well-proportioned, with a toasted sesame brioche bun, and a healthy serving of sweet and smoky pulled pork.

For those of you looking for healthier options, we know these can be tough to find at a place that boasts comfort food. We recommend the quinoa salad ($128) which includes capsicum, tomatoes, onion, and baby spinach, and is tossed in a honey-lime peppery dressing. It provides a nice balance of light flavours and is an ideal precursor to your large main meat portions later in your meal.

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Quinoa Salad

The pork knuckle ($245) is listed under the specials section, and is described as capable of feeding 1-2 people. We think it would be more accurate if it said 2-3 people. The portion sizes are healthy, so come ready to eat. The pork knuckle skin was not as crunchy as we would have hoped, but the meat was tender, flavourful, and pulled off the bone easily. Chris chose to pair this with a Dutch mashed potato, which includes carrots in the potato mash, and provides a sweetness that accompanies the pork well. A pork knuckle would not be complete without sauerkraut, and their take on it is a bit different, as they sauté the cabbage to create a caramelized flavour, rather than the traditional sour taste that we are used to.

Pork Knuckle, oh my!

If we had known the portions were so large, we wouldn’t have ordered the chicken schnitzel ($158), but we did, and so we continued eating after a quick maneuver to loosen our belts. The breadcrumbed, deep-fried pieces of chicken goodness arrived (note: there were multiple pieces) and we were happy that we splurged. The chicken was cooked well, with a crispy coating. We are french fry connoisseurs, and were very impressed by their french fry cooking prowess.

It’s not a full meal without dessert, and we decided to check out the eton mess ($78), which Chris states is better than Gordon Ramsay’s. The chunks of lightly sweetened meringue, strawberry sauce, and fresh cream was just the treat we needed to complete this meal.

Chicken Schnitzel(s) 

Eton Mess


With selections like fish and chips, lamb wellington, bangers and mash, and a suckling pig, the menu might remind you of pub fare. However, with Flying Pig’s focus on quality ingredients sourced from around the globe, we can assure you that it’s worth your while.  Our final thoughts:  Come with an appetite and wear some stretchy pants.

Flying Pig Bistro
62 High Street, Sai Ying Pun
Website / Tel: 2540 0311
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-11pm, Sat/Sun: 9am-11pm

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