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In little more than a year, Kennedy Town has transformed from a sleepy outpost at the Western end of Hong Kong Island to one of its most sought after locations. Since the arrival of the MTR, the hipsters have rolled in and rents have been hiked, but the influx has boosted the area’s reputation as a growing hub for “world cuisine” – with offerings from everywhere from Ireland and Korea to Japan and Mexico. For those that prefer to amble and discover hidden gems for themselves, there are still plenty of local tea shops and dai pai dongs holding their own… for now.

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The Complete Foodie Guide to Kennedy Town

Helpful hint ~ look for the **Foodie Picks** for the must try restaurants

Forbes Street

Take the MTR Exit C and head left. Dodge the hoards of day-trippers taking snapshots of the famed Kennedy Town ‘tree-wall’ at the far end of the road where nature is beating man to quite beautiful effect, cross over and take your pick from a nice range of eateries.

Forbes Thirty Six

You can’t miss this place as you emerge into the light from the MTR. It’s busy most evenings, packed for big sports events, and many K-Towners pop in for a pit stop pint on the way home. The food has been below par on recent visits and the stench of second-hand cigarette fumes from smokers congregating outside does drift in, but then again, this is the area’s de facto pub now. Expect dive vibes and you will be well prepared.

36 Forbes Street

Website or Tel: 2813 5335

Shun Sushi

The ramen here is excellent and inexpensive, plus there are some good value set menu choices. The sushi and sashimi is solid but not exceptional. This isn’t a spot to go out of your way to visit, but rather somewhere you can rely on if you are in the area, or are on your way home.

Shop C&D, 36 Forbes Street

Tel: 2817 6883


This Spanish restaurant (which also serves some Italian fare) has so much promise: The decor is fun, the service is good, even the wine list isn’t bad, but the food has been consistently disappointing. Portions are on the small side for the Tabla Iberica (meat and cheese platter), and tapas dishes such the Chorizo Alla Cidre, and Papas Brava failed to impress.

Shop A-B, 38 Forbes Street

Tel: 2872 8860

Picnic on Forbes

Picnic on Forbes

Picnic on Forbes **Foodie Pick**

The latest venture by Chef Philippe Orrico, of Upper Modern Bistro and On Dining fame, has gone down a treat already, which means making a reservation for weekend nights is absolutely necessary. Part cocktail bar, part fromagerie, part French cafe, every detail down to the style of glassware has been beautifully thought out. Special attention has been paid to the quality of the produce, but the dishes themselves consist of simple, decent Gallic fare (though some Italian dishes also available). Signature dishes include The Picnic Basket, which features adorable pieces of France put together in the cutest hamper, and the roasted chicken. The cocktails, dreamed up Giancarlo Mancino, are hands down the best in Kennedy Town.

38 Forbes Street

Website or Tel: 2855 0810

Yakiniku Shichirin

This place feels quite tightly packed with barbecue stations – so when it’s full it can make you feel a bit claustrophobic. But given this really only happens on Friday and Saturday evenings, there’s plenty of time to test out this Japanese venue. They offer deals on Wagyu beef, and plenty of sides. It’s not the best place of its type in Kennedy Town, but if you love your meat, it’s not a bad way to spend a few hours.

G/F, 40 Forbes Street

Website or Tel: 3706 5506

Comptoir **Foodie Pick**

This bijou little restaurant, from the people behind Pastis and Alchemy, is always busy and for good reason. Need a cute spot for a date? Comptoir is it. Need a cool spot to spend the night drinking and eating with friends? Comptoir is it. Desperate to find a place that does good fondue at a reasonable price (and in a manageable portion)? Comptoir is it. As you’d expect, there’s a great range of good quality French wines, and the menu offers something for everyone: the clams mariniere and the chorizo and mash are highlights.

G/F, 42 Forbes Street

Website or Tel: 2453 9873

Ravioli de Rogans at Comptoir in Kennedy Town

Ravioli de Rogans at Comptoir

K-Town Bar & Grill

Part of the Castelo Concepts empire, the menu at this bar and grill is a little uninspiring, and for the Asian dishes in particular, overpriced. However, the pizzas and burgers are good, the puddings are solid and they do fun specials. Selecting outside facing seats means dogs are welcome too.

G7 & G8, G/F Sincere Western House, 44 Forbes Street

Website or Tel: 2855 1368

Missy Ho’s

A great night out but book well in advance for the weekend. Take a date you want to impress, or just enjoy a girls’ night out with quality food and excellent cocktails. The menu is inventive and dishes top quality but the portions are small – order at least six plates for two people. The decor is Cool Britannia meets Hip Hong Kong and the lighting and styling has a hint of New York dive bar. The promise of debauched night is never far away…the cupboards are full of fancy dress (casually) outfits and swings descend from the ceiling at the witching hour.

Shop G9, G/F, Sincere Western House, 48 Forbes Street

Website or Tel: 2817 3808

Missy Ho's

Missy Ho’s

Purple Bar

These guys do a mean Irish coffee – a perfect winter warmer, and they also do some worth-stopping-for Happy Hour deals. It’s an intimate spot and you could easily walk on by if you didn’t know it was there. Ideal for illicit encounters or dodging nosy neighbours.

G/F, 56 Forbes Street, Kennedy Town

Website or Tel: 2338 5517

Le Collection de Vignobles

Another slice of France in Kennedy Town – tucked on the corner of Forbes and Cadogan Street this wine bar has great potential. Take a good friend or a hot date, share a bottle, and indulge in the fresh bread and cheese. Cocktail service was a little slow on our most recent visit. Traffic backing up outside can spoil the ambience (and air).

G/F, Sincere Western House, Forbes and Cadogan Street

Website or Tel: 2817 2112

Davis Street

Davis Street is the beating heart of Kennedy Town. Given it’s the block closest to the waterfront, the street has long been a gathering point for residents. Now as you walk up towards the MTR, it’s dizzying how many new hotspots are springing up each month, with every type of dish from sashimi to delectable cakes on offer.

42nd Davis

This new entry to Kennedy Town has impressed with value for money. Offering mainly Italian fare, the dishes are solid but not exciting. There’s a reasonable set lunch and the 4-8pm Happy Hour extends beyond booze to chicken wings, helping with the hunger pangs if you are starting a night out.

Shop G5, Sincere Western House, 42 Davis Street

Website or Tel: 3956 4325

Image title


Another option for a pit stop on the way back from the MTR or as a popular post-work spot on a Friday night. Many craft beer fans say it’s a firm favourite with offerings from independent breweries such as Little Creatures, Brouwerij Huyghe, and BrewDogs. For those less familiar with these niche brands, they have also hosted tasting nights.

Shop G4, G/F, Sincere Western House, 34-42 Davis Street

Website or Tel: 3956 4567


Feeling flushed with cash and a little adventurous? Well then Kyo’s the spot to whet your appetite (and empty your wallet). The sushi and sashimi is impressive and jet fresh. The menu offers some real treats: try their amazing “green caviar” (Okinawa raw sea grapes), cold ramen, or the King crab. If you are feeling brave then they also have more unusual dishes such as puffer fish sperm and Irabu soup, which lists sea snake as one of the ingredients. Service, unfortunately, is hit and miss.

Shop G3, G/F., Sincere House, No.38 Davis Street

Tel: 2327 8222

Image title


With restaurants in Tai Hang and Wan Chai, most HK residents already know of this as a good, staple Italian. A nice place for an easy family dinner or a low key catch-up with friends.

Shop 1E, Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Website or Tel: 2824 3000

Old China Hand

One of the key watering holes for expat K-Towners. Buzzy, bright, and with plenty of beers to choose from, this is a popular place for that post-work pint, and with plenty of sports on show a favourite to toast your (or any) team’s success.

1C Davis Street

Website or Tel: 2865 1181

Bistro du Vin

A beautifully designed taste of France. The lighting is warm, the decor is charming and all the traditional classics are served with love and creativity. If you can bag a corner table, it’s an ideal spot for lovers. The food and service is consistently good, and they subsequently have a loyal following.

Shop 1D, G/F, Davis Street

Website or Tel: 2824 3010

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Hollywood lighting, white tablecloths and a fairly decent set menu, Pierside is a good place for an easy business lunch. They do surf and turf very well – we are big fans of their charcoal grilled rib eye, lamb shank and the meaty lobster roll.

G/F, Grand Fortune Mansion, 1B Davis Street

Website or Tel: 2398 1838

Tequila on Davis

A must if you are hungover or just generally hankering for Mexican food. The portions are sizeable, there is plenty of cheese and spice for those that want it and the Margaritas are excellent. It’s not fancy but it is fun and unlike many spots in Kennedy Town, it is a good bet for bigger groups.

G/F, 1 Davis Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Website or Tel: 2818 1766

Shin Shu Japanese

Though this is a popular option for locals craving sushi, sashimi, and even miso soup, if you fancy something a little more on the adventurous side, order the omakase set and let the chef be your guide.

Shop 5, G/F, Grand Fortune Mansion, 1 Davis Street

Tel: 2872 0522

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Davis x Catchick Streets

In typical Hong Kong fashion, even the juncture where two of the busiest streets meet have been made into commercial space and leased out. Two pretty proven spots are located there, however, which makes it worth checking the intersection out.

My Place

They claim to serve the cheapest beers in Kennedy Town. Need we say more?

99 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Website or Tel: 2819 008

The CoffTea Shop

Arguably the best coffee in a 20-block radius and to boot the cakes are pretty delicious too. There’s no place to sit so it’s more grab and go type set-up. Luckily there are a few benches on the waterfront just a few minutes walk away that are the perfect spot to wolf down sweet treats.

Yue On Building, 78-86 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 9104 2404

Catchick Street

Ride the tram all the way to its western end and this is where you’ll end up. Catchick is a bustling little street where old and new Hong Kong is fighting it out for space. Buses, trams, and minivans roar down this road, so keep that in mind when booking outside seating.

Catch on Catchick Street ** Foodie Pick **

Much to the chagrin of Kennedy Towners, this independent eaterie is drawing a large crowd from further afield. They’ve expanded to keep up with this increasing demand, but for their beloved brunch sittings, they are still not big enough. Go early to avoid disappointment. If you do snag a seat order the French toast, which is so rich it is bordering on sinful, or the seriously indulgent Big Bad Ben. They also do a “Sunday Done Properly” Roast, which seriously lives up to its title. Plus they do a mean quiz night and happy hour. They don’t take bookings for brunch, so go as early as you can.

G/F, 93 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2855 1289

Image title

Photo credit: csoneats


The fare is mainly Italian with traditional offerings such as the classic caprese salad and the clam and chorizo spaghetti, but the menu also offers good meaty dishes such as a ribeye steak and pork chops. The portions are generous and there is quite a reasonable wine selection.

Shop D, Yue On Building, 78-86 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2485 2345


Jaspas is the stalwart of Kennedy Town’s dining scene. This restaurant that was here before the MTR extension was probably a twinkle in some official’s eye. For residents of Manhattan Heights, it has long been regarded as their canteen, though others feel the prices are too high for what’s on offer. Either way – it’s always packed and you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Another draw for HK’s animal lovers is the outside seating is dog-friendly.

Shop B, G/F, 83 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2872 0823

Ice Monkey

A vision in blue and red it’s hard not to indulge your five-year-old self (or actual five-year-old kid) and press your face up against the glass to see the array of ice creams on the counter. The flavours go from weird (caviar) to wonderful (Belgian chocolate) and the kind staff will let you try before you buy.

G/F, Yue On Building, 78-86 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2362 0822

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The Tramline Liquor Co.

The craft beer trend has hit Kennedy Town with a vengeance. This little store – located just where the tram stops (see what they did there?) packs a surprising punch with its range of offerings including Stewart Brewing First World Problems, a range from the Yeastie Boys, and Hong Kong’s own Gweilo IPA and Pale Ale. These guys also have a good selection of premium spirits and–a rarity in this city–an easily navigable website.

G/F, Yue On Building, 78-86 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 6908 4844

Falafel Hut

Don’t be fooled by the tiny shopfront and lack of seating, this bright little hut serves shawarma and falafel dishes to rival what’s on offer in the Middle East. Owner Gaafr Mohie El Din has two other eateries in Hong Kong, and worked as a chef for the Holiday Inn group. It’s a simple menu, done well, though some dishes would benefit from less salt to let the other flavours shine through. Pick up a few beers from the Tramline next door for an easy take out, or stop here to save yourself from a boozy night out or hunger pangs after a long film.

G/F, 76 Catchick Street

Just Green ** Foodie Pick **

This firm’s superfood torch has reached K Town, finally giving residents a broad selection of gluten free and organic produce. There’s plenty for those following the Paleo diet to stock up on too. For veggies missing texture, they also stock the Beyond Meat series, which puts Quorn to shame. Just Green also sells boxed mineral water, so you can do your bit for the planet without relying on HK’s pipe system. Oh and their bottles of sparkling elderflower presse and spicy kale chips helped us survive dry January.

G/F, 66 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2325 9997

Sunday’s Grocery

Part supermarket, part takeaway, this spot attracts wave after wave of hipsters, who lounge on the crates set up as outside seating, sipping designer beers and nibbling the store’s excellent fried chicken and tasty hot sandwiches.

G/F, Kam Fu Mansion, 66-68 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2628 6001

Image title

Banh mi at Sunday’s grocery; Photo credit: thatfoodcray

Clay Oven

The area’s only curry house divides opinion and struggles with consistency, but on various visits we’ve had success with a few items like the mango lassi, garlic naan bread, lamb rogan josh and dahl makhani. The decor is tired and the place could do with a refresh all round, but the staff are sweet and it’s not expensive to sample a range of plates.

G/F, Kam Hing Building, 27-31 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2872 6900


Named after the trendy area of London favoured by hipsters in the noughties and bankers now, this gastropub looks good and there’s an entire menu devoted to (very good) beers, wines and cocktails. The menu pays lip service to British cuisine but if you’re expecting traditional East End fare you might be disappointed.

Produce is quality but prices are high for the dishes on offer – both the grilled salmon and the cod and chips cost HK$188.

G/F, 18 Catchick Street

Website or Tel: 2242 3777

Image title

Belcher’s Street

This seemingly endless street spanning the length of Kennedy Town is hectic. Duck into one of these restaurants to escape the mayhem of aggressive taxis, polluting buses and errant pedestrians outside.

Vanimal ** Foodie Pick**

This newcomer has swept in and stolen the trophy for best restaurant in the area. Co-owner Paul Hui has made vegetarian food not just a healthy option, but a very sexy option. The look-at-your-phone-and-you’ll-miss-it entrance is tucked on a side street with just a hint on neon to attract the eye. Inside is a surprise – the decor is minimalist, the styling is industrial, and the lighting is seductive. The barmen are attentive and creative, and while at $110 the cocktails are pricey, boy are they worth it.

Hui has created a vegetarian restaurant that everyone – including macho men and carnivores – will want to go to. This is a high end restaurant with prices to match, but you won’t leave hungry, which is often the complaint levelled at other healthy options.

G/F, Shop 1, Cadogan, 150 Belcher’s Street

Website or Tel: 2872 8880

Hotpot Instinct

This is how you do hotpot. From the nifty digital menus to the broad range of soups and additions so you can effectively create your perfect meal, this place ticks all the boxes. Highly recommended for a small group.

1/F, Kam Ho Court, 144-148 Belcher’s Street

Website or Tel: 3464 0741

Image title

Photo credit: theloophk


This little cubicle, which stores a surprising amount of products, served K Town’s health food and sports supplement needs pretty well for a few years, but the boom has put it under pressure and recently it’s been outshone by Just Green.

It’s still worth popping in if you live nearby though, as they do great deals on their products on a fairly regular basis.

Shop 7, G/F, Westview Heights, 163 Belcher’s Street

Website or Tel: 2815 2121

Kai Kee

A first glance at this place and you might fear you’ve died and gone to TST, but if you can forgive the dated decor, unforgiving lighting, and inexplicable LED display, then this cha chaan teng ain’t bad. The French toast (dripping with peanut butter) is so delicious it’s probably worth the few minutes it’s shaved off your life expectancy. It’s a favourite with locals and there’s an English menu.

G/F, 110- 112 Belcher’s Street

T: 2818 9913

Lex Coffee

Elegant, stylish and peaceful, this coffee shop is a haven to shelter from the mayhem outside. Beautiful pictures adorn the walls and interior design is impeccable. Their chocolate cake and hot chocolates are unbeatable, as is the affogato. Order the signature “Lex” if you fancy a change from your usual tea-time treat. The breakfast and lunch plates are a little too small to be filling.

G/F, 100 Belcher’s Street

Website or Tel: 2149 9633

Image title

Hau Wo Street

Once a hub of fishmongers, dried fish stores, and Chinese medicine vendors, this unassuming street has morphed into a gourmand’s haven in the past few years.

The Lotus

Affectionately referred to by locals as their “other kitchen” this little Vietnamese gem is packed most meal times but fear not as the food comes fast so spaces open up quickly. The staff are lovely and the food is great value. In fact we much prefer this restaurant to their sister spot in Wan Chai.

Shop B, G/F, 38 Hau Wo Street

T: 2817 0233

Tapaella Grill

While the French appear to be taking over Kennedy Town (and the greater Hong Kong region while they’re at it), this Spanish restaurant is holding its ground. The set lunch is excellent as is the tapas selection. If you’ve children with adventurous palates then this is a good alternative family restaurant.

Shop F, G/F, Shun Cheong Building, 28 Hau Wo Street

Website or Tel: 2817 9792

Image title

Thallasic Thai

A favourite with HKU students, this spot also gets busy at meal times. The food is reasonably priced and there are some real treats. The seafood dishes in general are good but opt for the hugely popular Curry Crab if it is available (make sure you have plenty of bread to mop up the delicious sauce).

Shop C & D, G/F, Chi Ping Building, 38 Hau Wo Street

Tel: 3606 3111


You can’t miss the vivid brick house facade of Belgica, and this bar has been such a success they have expanded into the shop next door. It’s a surprise treat with more than 50 different types of beer and serves up mussels the way only the Belgians know how.

G/F, 25-33 Hau Wo St

Website or Tel: 2817 7717

Image title

Cake’s Secret

Addicted to Instagramming your food? Drive your friends insane because your smartphone has become part of your cutlery set? Well head over to this tiny little patisserie brought to you by ex-Sevva man James Chim Yik-shun, where every cake looks like a little piece of art.

G/F, 43 Hau Wo Street

Website or Tel: 2816 6000


The walls are adorned with adorable post-it notes from satisfied customers placed atop a giant map of Seoul’s metro in this tiny little restaurant. It’s no frills but satisfying, plus they have a delivery/takeout menu. The Jajangmyeon Value Set is probably the most ordered item – it includes pork belly with Korean black bean noodles as well as noodle rolls. The five colours veggie bibimbap with spring egg and kimchi is wonderful (actually all their bibimbaps are good).

Shop B1, G/F, Hau Wo Court, 25-33 Hau Wo Street

Website or Tel: 2728 2000

Summer Ice

Tapping firmly into the Hong Kong trend for heading straight for dessert, this is the best waffle place in the Western district, though they are made to suit local rather than expat taste. You can go traditional or alternative with choices such as the Japanese green tea waffle, sweet potato waffle, as well as tofu ice cream. The selfie-stick generation love to come here to snap themselves eating the signature purple waffles.

Shop D, G/F, Full Harvest Building, 6-18 Hau Wo Street

Website or Tel: 5541 0655

Image title

Photo credit: centralperx

Ware Ware

Disappear down the rabbit hole in this tiny bar which stocks a remarkable amount of booze. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s one of the places that’s actually a time machine–pop in for one and then suddenly it’s last orders (or not…depending on how charming you are).

Shop 9, G/F., Hau Wo Building, 44 Hau Wo Street

Tel: 2872 6399

Sea Front

A unique strip where you can still see fishermen attempting to grab their catch of the day from the rocks by the harbour, waves crash into the sea wall, and out across the lush blue expanse to Kowloon and beyond. In an ideal world it would be pedestrianised entirely…


A bijous spot with lovely views out to sea. They’ve a few outside tables tucked away on the courtyard facing the ocean, ideal for lunch or balmy Hong Kong evenings. The evening menu is decidedly high-end with traditional fare such as lobster risotto, frogs legs, and a rich selection of wine and cheeses to choose from.

Shop B, G/F, 1 Davis Street

Website or Tel: 2818 8266

Image title

Photo credit: atmag

Fish and Chick

A bright little restaurant that is packed, packed, packed at mealtimes. It might be the sea-air, or the occasional sound of waves hitting the harbour wall, but this is the perfect spot for this type of restaurant. Perhaps a victim of its own popularity, service and standards have slipped recently. The classic battered cod (or haddock, seabass, monkfish and barramundi) and chips is still solid though. You can takeaway or order to your door too.

Shop 6, 25 New Praya

Website or Tel: 2974 0088


In the words of Jarvis Cocker (well sort of) – “if you want to smoke some fags and shoot some pool… dance, drink and (possibly) screw, then head to Beeger“. It’s as close to a dive bar as Hong Kong can deliver, though the prices are still decidedly higher. The burgers aren’t bad and the view is pretty cool.

Shop 5, G/F, Ka Fu Building, 25 New Praya

Website or Tel: 2812 2328

Image title

Kinsale ** Foodie Pick for Families **

This 3,000 sq foot restaurant brings a burst of Ireland to the neighbourhood. High ceilings, exposed walls, and an expanse of windows along the shop front envelope daytime diners in light, but come evening it switches up a gear. Prices are higher than average for Kennedy Town – with most of the mains above or around the $200 mark – but the produce used is top quality. They have an excellent happy hour from 3-7pm too. There is space for prams and pushchairs, and the staff are good with children. The weekend brunch is a crowd-pleaser.

Shop 3, G/F, New Fortune House, 3-5 New Praya

Website or Tel: 2796 6004


The brainchild of Erik Idos, former executive chef at Nobu Hong Kong – this little eatery sits at the bottom of a converted old-style Hong Kong building. It’s stylish and already a favourite with the hipster crowd. The fusion of Mexican and Asian food brings something fun and different to the Kennedy Town dining scene. However, the portions are small, it’s expensive and unless you order well you can leave still feeling hungry. Many also find the no reservations policy frustrating.

1B – 1C New Praya

Website or Tel: 2606 0588

Image title


The new Gweilo restaurant in Kennedy Town will be Hong Kong’s only venue to house a working brewery where food and drink can be consumed on-site. Partnering with Woolly Pig Hong Kong (Big Sur, Bathers Restaurant) they promise ‘beer related’ food – most likely beer can chicken and beer battered fish, but we are hoping for some more inspired beer pairing options too. Open end of April 2021.

Grain website (coming soon), 5A New Praya Kennedy Town, Sai Wan, Kennedy Town

Cadogan Street

Nowhere is the battle between old and new Hong Kong more evident than on this street, with old-style government housing on one side, and new restaurants popping up on the other.


For veteran K-Towners, a huge gap was left by the closure of the much loved Limestone Arms. Unfortunately, KPub isn’t really the venue to fill it. As a watering hole it is perfectly fine, but there is no real pull factor.

Shop G15, Sincere Western House, 69 Cadogan Street

Website or Tel: 9123 2922

Butcher & Baker **Foodie Pick for Families and Groups **

The best thing about this place is the space. There is plenty of room for prams and unruly kids; heck there’s even room for a bicycle and patio furniture. There’s a small play area at the back, and a sweets and balloon station to entertain the munchkins. The butcher’s selection is impressive, the bakery is underwhelming, and the flower stall is a nice addition. As with Castelo Concept’s other ‘Western eateries’, the extensive menu can still leave you disappointed and the prices are high for what’s on offer. Service needs improvement but the staff are overall very nice.

G/F, On Fat Building, 57-59 Cadogan Street

Website or Tel: 2591 0318

Wui Bo Kitchen

Locals say they come to this Guangdong eatery for the fresh fish dishes and reasonable the hotpot. Outside seating means customers can bring their furry friends.

Shop 5-9, G/F, Hang Yu Building, 45-55 Cadogan Street

T: 2817 1968

Image title

Photo credit: pigsdrinkwine


Do some good while shopping here – it is a social enterprise by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, and also employs people with disabilities. It’s probably the best place to buy fresh bread in Kennedy Town. The ginger bread men and cookies are also worth grabbing if you’re on the go.

Shop 2, G/F, Block 2, Centenary Mansion, Cadogan Street and Victoria Road


Sun Hing Restaurant

Known to most as the “3am Dim Sum Place” this is hugely popular with pretty much everyone who stops by, leading to different vibes at different times. Late night dining is the preserve of drunk expats, as well as the occasional shift worker. Older citizens fill up the seats in the morning, while the mid afternoon crowd seems to be mostly lively HKU students. The custard buns are a must try – but with most of the dim sum priced at less than HK$25 – it’s all a bargain, but be prepared to fight for it.

Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road

T: 2816 0616

Image title

Photo credit: theloophk

Waffling Beans

Tucked away on a street of building merchants and mechanics, this has become a quiet success story. With a bounty of magazines available, wifi, and a full menu of every kind of sweet and savoury topping you can think of for your classic waffles, this is a nice spot for some “me time”, or an afternoon with friends. But be warned, it’s always busy at the weekends and they only take reservations for parties of six or more.

G/F, Shop 9, New Fortune Hse, 4-8 North Street

Website or Tel: 2855 8890


Often busy with Kennedy Town’s pensioners, this is cheap and cheerful place for a dim sum fix. The prawn and veggie options are particularly good, and the custard buns are amazing. It’s better to eat in as unfortunately for takeaway orders they still use polystyrene boxes – not a good choice if you want to look after the planet.

Shop A, G/F, Fook On Mansion, 23-25 North Street

Website or Tel: 2581 0303


The latest in a well-established HK chain, dishes such as the sesame kale salad and the burrata Pugliese at the K Town outlet are popular enough to get a repeat crowd. The restaurant is light, open, and spacious, and it has the added benefit of being bang opposite a park. This being said, it’s also unfortunately sat next to a main road so it can get a little noisy.

33 Kennedy Town Praya

Website or Tel: 2543 1238

Image title

Photo credit: openrice

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