What it is: We’ve been smitten by the newest coffee shop in Quarry Bay, Nutsy. Stroll along Tong Chong Street in Quarry Bay towards Enoteca and Newsroom and you’ll find Nutsy tucked away inside the building right before Mr & Mrs Fox on the left. When you poke your head in you will be greeted by the two co-founders, who make you feel welcome and at home right away.

The story: The co-founders are Gary and Ollie. These two Aussies (Gary from Perth and Ollie from Sydney) met when they were working together in the digital field in Hong Kong and realized they shared similar interests in basketball, wine and coffee.

Gary left his company in ’11 and returned to Perth to pursue his dream of being a wedding photographer and a full-time barista. He is very passionate about his coffee and has strict, high standards. Ollie has been a foodie and coffee drinker for as long as he can remember, but had to stop drinking coffee after returning to HK in ’08, because he was unable to find good coffee at an affordable price. He has always dreamed of bringing Australian cafe culture into HK. Now he and Gary have done just that.

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Gary and Ollie bring Australian cafe culture to Hong Kong

After chatting with the owners we were ready to try the goods. We thought one small latte each would suffice, but we were wrong. After two lattes each we were wired and ready to take on the world. First of all, the lids on their coffee cups are very user friendly and require no extra work the way your average hot beverage lid does. There is nothing to open or unfasten so the coffee is handed to you ready to drink, which is a plus if you’re in a hurry or holding too many things to bother opening up a lid.

The price for a regular size latte at Nutsy ($34) is about what you would expect to pay at Starbucks. In fact, Starbucks is literally right next door, but we won’t compare Nutsy’s coffee to Starbucks because their flavours are worlds apart. We thoroughly enjoyed the complex flavours, subtle sweetness and nuttiness of our lattes. A perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

The verdict: Whether you’re just in need of a jolt of great tasting caffeine, or are looking for that beautifully crafted latte and a coffee shop with a friendly, neighborhood vibe, Nutsy won’t disappoint.

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Photogenic lattes at Nutsy; photo credit: Facebook

Nutsy Coffee Bar

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Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay

A food lover, artist and entrepreneur

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