It’s a stressful era we live in. Life is fast paced and living in the digital age means we’re constantly bombarded with information and reminded of the social consequences of our every act. And then there’s climate change, the failing economy, and dozens more serious issues that cloud our lives on a regular basis. Some may wish for a time when life was simpler, at least the day-to-day living could be a bit less fraught with sensory overload.   

The Bunyadi, a pop-up restaurant to open in London this month, aims to do exactly that. The idea of the restaurant surrounds one central premise: the ultimate liberation from the shackles of the modern world and the breaking of social norms. The three month pop-up eatery will transport you back to ancient times when there were no electricity, no gas, no phone and…I wish I was kidding about this, no clothes too, if that’s what you wish. 

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Layout of restaurant. Fancy partaking in the path to purity?

According to their official site, there are already close to 40,000 people on the waiting list (though we’re slightly sceptical about the genuineness of the figure) for tickets.

What a time to be alive.

The restaurant will feature wooden furniture (eek the splinters!), candle light, steaks cooked over a wooden fire and organic, home-grown vegetables, among others pared back delights. Tickets will be £55-65 per person and include both food and drinks from a tasting menu. 

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So as bizarre as this sounds, we cannot help but ask: should Hong Kong get its own naked restaurant? If there was one here, would you dine naked in it?

I doughnut joke about food

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