It was Sunday night, we were hungry, and we came here almost by accident. This literal mom and pop store is run by a couple from Delhi serving what I think is some of the tastiest, heartiest, least physically burdening Indian food in Hong Kong and for sure in Sai Ying Pun. 

This is Indian Curry Express, and I highly recommend it. 

Indian restaurant in SYP - Indian Curry Express

Four chapatis come standard per order. Because chapati should only be eaten in servings of four

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Real grassroots type operation up in here

This Indian doesn’t make you want to purge your stomach post-consumption because you’ve ingested enough ghee to slowly clarify yourself from the inside out. It has more vegetarian options than meat because that’s how they do in India–it’s even categorised with a leaning towards the plant-eaters by being labelled ‘veg’ and ‘non-veg’.

And it’s so cheap. Like I-spend-more-money-on-a-bottle-of-cold-pressed-juice-than-on-two-curries cheap. We had just wandered over from Potato Head, where we spent more on two half-price drinks (nuthin’ against PTT though; love them a lot just gotta be baller if you want to drink Bloody Marys) than a whole dinner at Indian Curry Express. Which is really nice because sometimes I just want to eat good food and not pledge my first-born child in exchange for a meal. 

Paneer khadai and dhal makhani

Paneer khadai (left) and dhal makhani (bottom) with rice and chapati 

Then there are the owners who emanate all the kindness and warmth one might come to expect from a lovely Indian-family who are new to the area and who simply want to feed people good quality food. I hugged them so tight it got awkward. But they seemed fine with it and even agreed to not call the police which was a nice touch and we all went home happy. 

That’s another thing; they stay open til 10pm. A rarity in Sai Ying Pun where majority of the time you’re forced into 7/11 to eat pitiful bags of nuts, Pringles and milk buns while sipping soy milk. Is this a good idea, y or n.

Paneer kadai at Indian Curry Express

Paneer kadai at Indian Curry Express 

dhal makhani at Indian Curry Express

Dhal makhani at Indian Curry Express

What should you order? I have no idea that’s entirely up to you. Howev, what I tried was awesome so I can tell you about those things. It’s worth mentioning I am a big fan of the vegetables so I ate all the vegetable things. Curries, mainly. 

I would probably eat pebbles if they came slathered in makhani curry (like butter chicken sans chicken–so vegetarian friendly), then add a bunch of those deeply satisfying pulses–the lentil–and it’s a good time. This one is best eaten with rice to mop up the saucy curry goodness.   

What I think Audrey actually meant was paneer is always a good idea, and I would agree; even more so when it comes with perfectly cooked, still crunchy vegetables in a slightly sweet, creamy sauce. Eat this with the freshly house made chapati and abound in the inner joy you’ll experience. 

Indian Curry Express in Sai Ying Pun

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I have only tried two dishes. So the others might be not great. However I don’t think this is the case judging by how delicious the menu items we did try were. Plus the smells permeating from the back kitchen screamed assiduous Indian prep; always a good sign.  

They have a $60 all day curry special and deliver free (I am sure to only a certain region though that wasn’t specified). There is seating for maybe 12 people in the whole restaurant, so this is a restaurant best utilised for takeaway. There’s no pomp and fanfare here, just really tasty Indian food, at really affordable prices, served by really lovely human beings.

Mic: dropped.


Indian Curry Express

Tel: 6744 6915

Yes, but is it edible? [digital editor]

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