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Sushi is an integral part of the life of a Hong Konger: we all sometimes get that itch for sushi that must be scratched immediately. Chain sushi places are ubiquitous in this city, and there will always be one within walking distance; so, where should you get your dose today?

Genki Sushi

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Genki’s Kousoku Sushi Train. (Source: Genki Sushi on Facebook)

Sushi revolves around you in a beautiful blur as you dine at Genki, the king of kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi in Hong Kong. There is a wide variety of sushi offered, and they make for interesting combinations, such as a dish containing sushi of three different types of shrimp. On top of sushi, Genki also offers a variety of other foods, and the fried menu is particularly noteworthy.

Dishes on the conveyer belt start from ten dollars, so you can binge on delicious sushi as much as you want! Additionally, the lunch and tea time sets are stuffed with sushi and sides, allowing for a pleasant an affordable experience at all hours.

To make your experience photo-worthy, visit the Tsuen Wan, Lok Fu, Prince Edward or Kwun Tong locations to witness first-hand the newest Japanese trend, the sushi train.

Genki Sushi: website

Pair your sushi with: fried soft-shell crab

Sushi Express Takeout

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(Source: Sushi Express

Whether you’re planning an intimate sushi party with friends or just want to stay home with your favorite TV show, getting takeout from Sushi Express is a good option. Take your time as you pick from a reasonably wide selection of sushi, each priced at three dollars – yes, three!

For Sushi Express’s price, the quality of the sushi is quite high: the fish is fresh, though the rice can get a little hard. Complete your meal with some of the sides, which range from canned corn to seasoned octopus, or indulge in the luxury of sashimi, now made affordable by Sushi Express.

Sushi Express: website

Pair your sushi with: seasoned seaweed salad

Sushi One

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(Source: Sushi One on Facebook)

Sushi One has my heart. The fish is very fresh and the portions generous. Combined with the soft lights that work to create a soft, inviting atmosphere, Sushi One promises a great dining experience.

Furthermore, the menu boasts a wide variety of sushi and has a unique section named Creativity, which houses the restaurant’s innovative take on sushi. Sushi One also has the largest selection of non-sushi foods of this list. Fill your stomach with Japanese-style hotpots, Ramen or cold udon, or gorge yourself on skewers, which are burnt till deliciously crunchy.

Note that Sushi One is slightly pricier than other chain sushi restaurants; however, if you show up after 10pm, sushi, rolls, sashimi, and drinks are 50% off!

Sushi One: website

Pair your sushi with: clams in hot sake

Itamae Sushi

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(Source: Itamae Sushi on Facebook)

Itamae Sushi is noteworthy for its great fish-to-rice ratio: the fish generally wraps around the entire length of the rice, a rarity in today’s sushi scene. There’s quite a large variety of food, and the restaurant’s menu seems to be ever-expanding. Some fish come prepared in many styles, and as sushi is ordered by piece, you can try them all out! Sushi can be as cheap as six dollars apiece, and the set lunch and tea time menu offer great prices.

Another commendable aspect of Itamae is the service. There will be no frantic calling of waiters and waitresses as you order from a tablet, shaving minutes off from the waiting period. Furthermore, service is so speedy that it seems as if food arrives as soon as soon as an order is placed. Overall, Itamae is a great place for a quick bite of Japanese food.

Itamae Sushi: website

Pair your sushi with: edamame

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