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What you eat while you’re drinking a beautiful cup of coffee can further enhance your daily cuppa. There are plenty of foods that work well because they share dominant flavour notes with certain brews. Nutty aromas, hints of caramel, fruity notes, creamy bodies, these are all distinct coffee descriptions that can be easily paired with certain foods, and if you recognise the match, can deepen your enjoyment of the dark brew even further. 


These light flaky pastries are enlarged in taste by a less complex, smooth java, especially a latte or flat white that lets the flavours of the buttery croissants reach the taste buds for a flavour-mesh made in heaven. 

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The reason biscotti is renowned as the ideal coffee accompaniment is that it houses all the tastes associated with a great brew and its crisp, dry texture are particularly spectacular dunked into a medium or darker roast. 

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This flavour combo works any time of day, whether its at the centre of a pain au chocolat in the morning or later in the day with a latte, chocolate pairs perfectly with a cup of joe. Light, smooth coffees work best with milk chocolate or chocolate-dipped fruits while full-bodied brews accentuate the flavours of darker chocolate.

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Fruit and Cheese

You may be thinking wine as the drink pairing of choice, but fruit and cheese are an excellent way to start the day and coffee makes for the perfect complement for this morning start.

Espresso pairs particularly well with berries (especially blueberries) dried fruits, cherries and a sharp cheddar, ricotta or mascarpone. Tropical fruits and other full-flavoured fruits like figs, plums and apricots pair well with a lighter, fruitier brew.

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Even better, add the coffee straight into your food. An affogato is the perfect flavour duo of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso drizzled over top.  Image title

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Hong Kong-based Caffè Perfetto provides an alternative to the large coffee capsule brands with compatible pods that contain unique high-quality blends sourced from small farms in South America and then roasted within the walls of Sarcedo in Italy, a town with a rich history in coffee making. 


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High Quality Italian Coffee. Your Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Day.

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