Oushé is a quaint little bakery located on the corner of Al Barsha Street, Dubai, but don’t let its size fool you. With three ovens in the back and a kitchen that is defined by the phrase ‘big things come in small packages’, it caters events for the likes of Sephora, Emirates Airline, Pepsi, Estée Lauder and many more giants. Run by a kitchen staff of 12, their structure is that of a small business, however, their work is nothing short of a successful large-scale establishment, dishing up delicious savoury and sweet treats.

The owner

The concept began back in 2012 with the owner, Reem Haroum. Her background is highly impressive, with stints in communication, marketing, PR and media/events. At the time, she was heavily pregnant, and like most pregnant women, her desire for good soul food was at its peak, but she couldn’t satisfy her cravings through restaurants or takeaway. So she decided to cook herself, raiding her stocked cupboards to create some mouth-watering combinations of flavours. Using seasonal produce enabled her to always have a twist with every dish. When asked how she believes a business can succeed, she answered by saying, ‘Any businessman/woman must be fast on your feet, stick to your guns and adapt and innovate.’ And that is exactly what she has done with Oushé.

The famous Brownies

The signature dish is chocolate fudge brownies, which, when warmed, melt in the mouth. These bad boys can also be gleefully devoured at room temperature and cold. They come in a variety of combinations and flavours. Oushé supplies a version of their gluten-free brownies to NKD Pizza. They also have a velvety smooth, creamy New York cheesecake. I’ve heard tales of the chocolate cake, however, I didn’t have the opportunity to taste it myself. I will create an occasion to go and eat a slice (or two or three).

New York Cheese Cake

The savoury food was my personal preference. Apart from the fact that they use fresh produce and don’t deep-fry anything in their kitchen, the marriage of flavours is refreshingly new. The house rocket salad was filled with mango, avocado, cherry tomatoes and nuts and was delicately dressed with a light vinaigrette.

House salad

The salmon quiche was like a soufflé, and the crust had a flaky texture like puff pastry but was shortcrust. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s like magic. The mix of butter and well-seasoned salmon couldn’t have tasted any better.

Salmon Quiche

The roast beef sandwich was the highlight of my food extravaganza. The meat was flavoured so perfectly, not to mention the house-made mayonnaise and house-baked bread. I could have eaten four of them and not thought twice. Also on the menu was a tuna melt pitta sandwich, which would make for the perfect on-the-go lunch.

The Steak Sandwich

Oushé’s eye for detail, feedback-oriented implementation and trendsetting atmosphere have led to their growth spurt in these few years of development. When asked what makes for a successful entrepreneur, Reem answered simply, ‘True success lies in inspiring my kids to do much more and be the best version of themselves in their future.’

Tuna melt pocket pita

In addition, Oushé offers custom cakes and personalised orders. They have also started a healthy menu option that covers a variety of energy bars and protein-packed cake pops. The future for this little bakery is looking bright and shiny. When asked what motivates her to continue working long hours, maintain high standards and develop new ideas, Reem said it was her kids. The reason that got her started is the reason that keeps her motivated until today.

Energy balls

Metro Building, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE,  +971 4 385 0011

Live and Breathe all things food. Salt and Sugar are my air and water. Cant live without either.

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