Don’t even get us started on the lack of doughnut options in Hong Kong. We pride ourselves on being a culinary paradise, but what’s the title worth when we have to scour the whole city for a taste of soft, fluffy doughnuts?

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Luckily for us, our inclination for mid-morning munchies and urge for that afternoon sugar hit can finally – hopefully – be staved off with the opening of J.CO Donuts & Coffee. Having already made a name for itself in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, the chain’s recipe for success lies in its fluffy doughnuts made using high-quality ingredients, paired with quality-brewed Italian coffee. On top of their most popular offering – the Al Capone, a white chocolate ring doughnut encrusted with toasted almonds – they also serve an array of inventive options including the White Desert with a sweet and creamy kaya filling topped with coconut flakes and the Avocado DiCaprio, an intriguing combination of avocado and chocolate crunch.

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As the name suggests, J.CO is as serious about coffee as it is about doughnuts. They utilise only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans, medium-roasted to create a unique blend that is full bodied with low acidity. Their extensive drinks menu spans Italian roasted classics like the simple Americano ($28/12oz) and iced caffe latte ($32/12oz) to more creative J.CO originals such as the hot tiramisu ($35/12oz) and cappuccino chip frappé ($36/12oz). To help you to get the most out of your experience, they even provide professional pairing advice telling you which doughnut goes best with your cup of joe!

Doughnut Pricing

Assorted/regular doughnuts:

• 1 piece: $15

• ½ dozen: $88

• 1 dozen: $148

• 2 dozen: $258

Mini doughnuts:

• 2 dozen: $98

Shops 1 and 2, G/F, 55 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, 6982 8282

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