With fermentation being one of the top food trends this year, yoghurt – essentially, milk that has been left to ferment – is becoming more and more popular as a healthy breakfast, snack, meal add-on or dessert. It’s high in protein, calcium and – a buzzword nowadays – probiotics, ”friendly“ bacteria that have become synonymous with ensuring a healthy digestive system and boosting the immune system.

Nestlé’s low-fat, preservative-free Acti-V Yoghurt goes one step further than the premium yoghurt products on the market, containing more than one billion FORTIS®, a patented bifidobacterium that has been documented to aid digestive transit and leave you feeling good from the inside out. It’s offered in three delicious fruity flavours: Apple, Mango and Peach. Acti-V is made fresh in Hong Kong every day, so it doesn’t get more local than that.

For those of us with active, busy lifestyles – and we don’t know a single Hong Konger who doesn’t fit this description – Acti-V is helpfully offered in two formats: as a drink, perfect for sipping on the go on your way to or from the office or in between meetings, or as a traditional cup.

Click here for more information about Acti-V and to learn about Nestlé’s other yoghurt products.

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