Let’s be honest here – what are we doing while walking home, taking the MTR, lazing on the sofa or waiting for anything to happen in our lives? We’re on our smartphones, and Instagram is at the ready.

Instagram just hit 700 million users, with many ‘grammers sharing a common love for food. Some are generous enough to let us grab a bite of what they are eating, one photo at a time. 

Here are 10 Instagram accounts from all the over the world that open our eyes and elate our taste buds.   

@brunchboys – Jeremy Jacobowitz [New York City] [389k followers]

All hail New York City, the haven for street-food lovers. Jeremy Jacobowitz of Brunch Boys posts vibrant photos of incredible brunch food found in the Big Apple, ranging from bagels, to foie gras burgers, to pizza-garnished drinks (yes!). Juicy guides, succinct articles and entertaining videos can be found on his blog – trust me that after reading it you’ll dream more than ever about the City that Never Sleeps.

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@tumblinbumblincrumblincookie – Gan Chin Lin [Singapore] [149k followers]

This girl is 18 years old. This girl has nearly 150k food-loving followers on her Instagram account,  tumblinbumblincrumblincookie. This girl also has an amazing YouTube channel and recipe blog. This girl from Singapore has a big heart to abolish the unrealistic diet culture. This girl believes in eating for contentment and health. Gan Chin Lin’s homemade treats star waffles, pancakes, muffins, toast, lots of chocolate and many more goodies. Also a huge advocate for whole foods, her recipes use only natural and plant-based ingredients.

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@fotd.hk [Hong Kong] [30.4k followers]

Fotd.hk does Hong Kong food justice. The good mix of local fare, café treats and European dishes showcase how diversified the Hong Kong food scene really is. I love how this account posts local faves – red bean tofu pudding, deep-fried French toast, beef brisket soup noodles, cosy hotpot… It also features other accounts that have tagged Fotd.hk, so there is almost always a balanced view and food choices.

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@leesamantha – Samantha Lee [Malaysia] [711k followers]

This Malaysian wife, mum, food stylist, virtual storyteller, TED speaker and food lover started creating food art for her daughters, persuading them to eat willingly, independently and healthily. She shares her ‘artwork’ with others on Instagram, with an ever-expanding international fan base. One thing I love about her creations is the element of encouragement, inspiring kids to dream big and live their dream life. Samantha also believes in keeping things simple and using basic tools that everyone has in their kitchen.

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@jinny_in_brisbane – Jinny [Australia] [17.2k followers]

Jinny_in_brisbane is an Instagram account that was recommended to me awhile ago by a Korean friend. As obvious as it may seem, Jinny now lives in Australia but has not given up cooking authentic Korean food for himself and his family. The feed features kimchi, gyoza, bibimbap and other Korean food faves. Aussie delights like pancakes and açai bowls are also on the menu. Find more about Jinny’s recipes and personal life on his Korean blog

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@b.f.life – Mika S [Japan] [11k followers]

Mika from Japan majors in law during the day and in food photography at all other times. B.f.life is her platform to spill out all those creative juices. Her minimalistic direction will liven up your Instagram feed, with cute details like the ghost faces atop the French toast in the featured photo below. Mika’s motto is that anybody can make something using simple ingredients and no special technique. Her blog has a clear layout, luring you to try out one of the many scrumptious recipes that you can easily make from scratch.

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@izyhossack – Izy Hossack [London] [227k followers]

You know it’s the right way to go when a food science and nutrition student tells you so. Izy Hossack creates and tests her recipes centring on restricted diets, catering to people who have dairy-, gluten-, egg- or wheat-free needs, ensuring that allergen-free food can be full of flavour too. Her feed has a soothing, rustic touch to it, sending you to the countryside with fresh blossoms in hand. She also runs her own website, Top with Cinnamon.

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@passionforbaking – Manuela Kjeilen [Norway] [1.2m followers]

At passionforbaking, Manuela Kjeilen abides by her rule to bake with love, never forgetting to knead love alongside sugar and butter into the floury dough. The award-winning blogger decorates her baking space, baked goods and website itself in pastel colours that steal hearts. Heads up to all baking fanatics: the cupcake queen’s techniques are shown in step-by-step videos on Instagram – now, run! 

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@_foodstories_ – Laura Muthesius and Nora Eisermann [Berlin] [964k followers] 

Nora, a fashion designer, and Laura, a photographer, make a good team. Nora puts her design instincts into use and creates beautiful food platings that are captured by Laura at Our Food Stories. Residing in the countryside and following an organic lifestyle, these women takes nature as the source of their inspiration. The two started blogging when Laura’s gluten allergy came to the fore. Their long suit is creating mouth-watering gluten-free cakes that look (and taste) just as good as the real deal. They kick-started the series ‘Dinner Stories’ to show people that preparing gluten-free meals can be less of a fuss and more of a pleasure. Gluten-free, vegan, refined, sugar-free and vegetarian recipes that are healthy yet tasty at the same time? I’m in. Check out their website here.

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@rainbowplantlife – Nisha [New York City] [142k followers]

A contrasting figure to the first one on the list – in NYC, but in all aspects of eating as well.  Rainbowplantlife diverges from the comfort-food-eating path to clean eating. Formerly employed in the legal field, Nisha now masters vegan food while backpacking around the world. Her blog documents her recipes, adventures and vegan journey. Just like many self-taught photographers, Nisha started practising food photography in her bedroom. She photographs her vegan food creations – smoothie bowls (see the chocolate tahini bowl below), heartwarming soups and energy bars that feed your Instagram with lovely colours. 

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