It’s almost time for our first-ever Food’s Future Summit, and we can’t wait! It’s also your last chance to get your tickets! Full-day or half-day tickets are available or you can also just join us for wine, canapés and ice cream to start your Saturday night right. We’ve been telling you all about our incredible line-up and agenda, but fret not, foodies – there’ll also be delicious food (it wouldn’t be a Foodie event otherwise)!

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Last chance to get your tickets!

But delicious can also be healthy, minimally processed and mindful – very much a growing trend in our dining habits, as consumers become more aware about both the nutritional and environmental impact of their eating habits. One of the most recognisable eateries leading the “healthy-licious” movement (especially for all Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga members) is nood food – which has served up their wraps, sandwiches, salads, raw food snacks, cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies since 2013.

Advocating the philosophy that “you are what you eat”, nood food focuses on quality ingredients, avoiding preservatives and additives, and preparing food with the least amount of processing so as to retain the optimum amount of nutrients. You’ll have a chance to try it yourself if you’re joining us for lunch at the Food’s Future Summit.

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Chef Moy

Ahead of the Summit, we caught up with nood food’s raw food chef Moises (or Moy) – who practices raw veganism and is also a yoga teacher – to find out about his favourite ingredients and culinary philosophy.

What‘s your favourite food?

I have two: avocados and chocolate. Since I’m from originally from Mexico, I’ve been having [avocados] and exploring their flavour and variety since a very early age. When I started working as a raw vegan chef, I used avocado in salads, desserts and smoothies. It’s such an amazing super fruit that can be adapted for many dishes, as well as highly nutritious and yummy. I’m actually growing an avocado plant on my rooftop. I will need to wait a couple of years before I can get some fruits, but the plant is beautiful and radiant.

I’ve been also playing with cacao for many years. I got my stone grinder and started making chocolate at home] in Hong Kong many years ago,as a treat for my clean and plant-based diet. Now I like to discover the flavour, aroma and texture of various beans from around the world. I like to gently roast and conch the beans to discover different flavours and intensity from each bar. The skin of the beans also makes a delicious chocolate tea and works good as a fertiliser for my plants.

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Handcrafted raw and vegan chocolate (photo credit: nood food Facebook)

What worries you most about the future?

I rather keep a mindset focused on the present and to make it the best possible to create a better and greener future for all. I might be “concerned” on big GMO (genetically modified organisms) companies dominating the food supply or strong environmental change that can affect our planet sustainability, but worrying will not change anything. Instead I focus on learning sustainability by learning how to grow my own food, cultivating a plant-based diet that creates less environmental impact and supporting organic and sustainable food and products.

What excites you most about the future?

Again, the future may seem promising, but taking action now is what’s more important. We are living in exciting times. Nowadays, it’s more accessible to have a home micro gardening system, the development of green urban projects with actual forests inside, electric cars are becoming more accessible, plant-based and organic food and products are trending and becoming more popular, etc. I see this is the present that is happening and it’s the shift we should move on.

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It‘s almost time to wrap up our preparations for the Food‘s Future Summit! Get your tickets while you still can!(photo credit: nood food Facebook)

nood is a firm believer in the philosophy that “you are what you eat’. Of all the superfoods and ingredients listed in nood‘s A–Z, which one best represents you and why?

I can relate with the Peruvian superfood maca, not because I’m Latin-American, but because of its adaptogen qualities. For the past years I’ve learned to adapt to live in different environments and regulate my energy on different situations to make the best out of it. Also because it drives energy but does not take the body out of balance; rather, it keeps harmony within. Harmony in our food is very important to keep us happy physically and mentally.

What‘s one thing/habit/practice that everyone can and should adopt that will help to improve our food futures?

 Learn how to grow food, you will appreciate nature a lot more and be more considerate about the environment and the planet. Start with some herbs at your kitchen and you will also save lots of money and reduce waste. Try also to reduce waste by composting a little into your plant, use less possible packed food and find a way to reuse the things you buy instead of throwing them to the land field. Have fun making your own food from raw ingredients, like granolas, chocolates, etc. move away from high processed foods, and move towards a clean plant based diet, support local and organic food and products. Have lots of fun in the process!

Enjoy nood food and a host of other tasty treats at our Food’s Future Summit on 12 August 2017!

It’s your last chance to get tickets!

Our goal is to inspire and initiate change within the world of food.

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