Hong Kong is not the only place that’s doing their part in the Kin Hong Seafood Festival. We’re on our way to spreading sustainability to other places, hoping that we can make as much of a difference as possible. Other places involved include our Portuguese neighbour, Macau, China and the Big Apple: New York.

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Rossio (Macau)

Macau is not only known for its famous casinos and dazzling hotels – it also has an enormous variety of food to offer from around the globe. In lavish hotel MGM Macau, buffet restaurant Rossio is a popular dining option. With a number of live cooking stations, their choices of food are global, including pasta, sushi, Mediterranean grilled dishes and a fresh seafood counter serving under-the-sea favourites such as sashimi, oysters and prawns. Set within a modern indoor dining area and an outdoor patio with European decor, the restaurant should not be missed for seafood lovers visiting Macau.

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Crave Fishbar (New York City)

If you happen to be in New York this month, be sure to visit Crave Fishbar, where the seafood is locally caught and the ingredients are organic. Serving high-quality seafood sourced with their eco-conscious philosophy, their love for sustainability extends to a saying of theirs: ”sustainable because we give a shuck”. The stylish restaurant, located both in Midtown and Upper West Side Manhattan, is also partnered with several organisations to ensure that their seafood remains sustainable.

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M Restaurants (Shanghai and Beijing)

The M Restaurant Group has made a name for itself within China, with three award-winning restaurants (M Glam, M on the Bund and Capital M) located in Beijing and Shanghai. Visited by numerous celebrities and the host of weddings, corporate events and celebratory gatherings, the restaurant group also gives to the community with their charitable projects, as well as their involvement in events such as the Kin Hong Seafood Festival.

M Glam (Shanghai)

M Glam speaks for itself when it puts the glam in glamorous. Adding to Shanghai’s vibrant nightlife scene, the chic bar and restaurant has an extensive cocktail selection and is known as one of the city’s best bars. Putting an emphasis on the cultural aspect of Shanghai makes M Glam a popular place for events, especially with their menu of small plates that come in portions perfect for sharing when sipping one of their famous tipples.

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M on the Bund (Shanghai)

One of the city’s most charming restaurants, M on the Bund is conveniently located facing Shanghai’s historic waterfront, and given the romantic and glamorous setting, the restaurant has been chosen many a time for weddings and other special occasions. From brunch, to afternoon teatime, to dinner on their outdoor terrace, the restaurant serves some of the classics of fine dining, including a range of seasonal seafood.

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Capital M (Beijing)

Capital M is a sophisticated restaurant that serves delicacies based on what the season has to offer. From chargrilled king prawns and Oysters Rich as Rockefeller, the menu (similar to its sister restaurants) is famous for its imported food and fine wine to go with it. The restaurant has a modern setting that blends well with the iconic views of Beijing from the terrace.

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