Philippines: Pangaluluwa

Participants roam the streets dressed in ghastly and ghoulish costumes as lost souls stuck in purgatory while children pass from house to house offering songs in exchange for sweets, representing the prayers that guide them to heaven.

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Children dressed in their costumes in celebration of Pangaluluwa in the Philippines (photo credit:

Latin America: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 

Families construct special altars dedicated to the deceased while their graves are decorated with flowers, candles and mementos. Relatives gather at cemeteries to picnic and reminisce, often accompanied by tequila and a mariachi band.

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Special altars constructed to commemorate the deceased during Día de los Muertos in Mexico (photo credit:

North America: Halloween

Lavish costumes, jack-o’-lantern carving and neighbourhood trick-or-treating are standard for the USA and Canada, where some of the most elaborate celebrations take place, with preparations starting weeks beforehand.

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