Crab lovers, ahoy! And what better than crab from Hokkaido – the ultimate Shangri-La for these delectable crustaceans? We’ve lined up two signature must-try varieties for you.

Taraba kani (red king crab)

Availability: September–January

Caught in the Sea of Japan and neighbouring Sea of Okhotsk, red king crab is the most sought-after king crab species – and most expensive per unit weight to boot. With legs growing up to one metre in length, its flavour is subtle, with a good heft to its thick meat, perfect for cooking in multiple ways: deep-fried in tempura, steamed or grilled. And no place does it better than a premium omakase restaurant – try the latest at Hanabi!

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7-course Crabalicious seasonal menu at Hanabi (photo credit: FeedMe Guru)

Zuwai kani (snow crab)

Availability: November–March

This renowned delicacy is extremely popular and limited to its seasonal availability. Also known as seko kani, koppe kani or kobaku kani, the female crab is smaller and packed with the concentrated umami that is so valued by connoisseurs and gastronomes. Like the red king crab, the snow crab can be eaten in various ways – our favourite way is to add it to a warming nabe made with egg and vegetables, rendering an incredibly rich, infused Japanese rice soup. This is now exclusively available on the Winter Chef’s Special Menu at AMAZAKE!

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Kani zosui (crab congee), served exclusively at AMAZAKE

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