In the last Travel Delights episode, we travelled to Japan. Now let’s take a two-hour flight to its neighbour, Korea. With many people talking up the healing benefits of Korean dishes, it’s not surprising to find healthy and delicious meals in this Asian country.

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Fermented foods are prevalent in Korea – for example, kimchi, which is a low-calorie and fibre-rich food. It is a good source of prebiotics, which promote digestion and prevent constipation. Prebiotics also introduce healthy microbiota to the intestines, maintaining gut health.

Garlic, an ingredient used to prepare kimchi, contains allicin, which regulates blood cholesterol levels. Garlic also contains trace amounts of selenium, a strong antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage, so consuming kimchi can help to reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer. At the same time, it might help with weight loss owing to its high fibre content, which provides satiating effects.

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Another recommended Korean dish is ginseng chicken soup, particularly owing to its active ingredient ginsenoside. In general, ginseng helps to boost your immune system, improving health by restoring homeostasis and increasing the sense of well-being. It might also help to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce chronic disease development. A bowl of ginseng chicken soup provides you with around 200 calories, together with plenty of nutrients. Ginseng can thus help to boost your endurance, giving you more energy while travelling!

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