Sunshine, beaches, massages, night markets… what can be more relaxing than a trip to Thailand? In the past few decades, Thailand has become one of the most popular vacation destinations for Hong Kongers. Thai cuisine is well known to foodies, and we all gain several pounds after our holidays to the Land of Smiles. So is it okay to enjoy these dishes without much concern for our health? What should we eat in Thailand, with so many tempting sweet and spicy choices in front of our eyes?

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Traditional Thai food is healthy, as they use fresh and natural ingredients with a bunch of herbs, spices and vegetables. However, modern Thai food is usually made with plenty of oil and MSG, which sometimes makes it taste heavy. Learning how to order in Thailand is crucial, especially because the food there is relatively cheap and you can easily order a table full of mouth-watering dishes.

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Pad thai is a popular dish in Thailand. It is made with delicate rice noodles and sautéed with ingredients like vegetables, meats and spices. However, a cup of pad thai provides you with 400 calories and plenty of sodium. It would be better to order some steamed vegetables on the side and mix them together while eating. The extra vegetables provide dietary fibre that helps to slow down the digestion process, binding to the cholesterol in the food to prevent its absorption.

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Another popular Thai dish is Thai curry – for example, vegetable curry with tofu. Not only is it a good source of protein from the tofu and fibre it contains, but the curry also provides you with extra anti-inflammatory properties owing to the presence of the phytochemical turmeric.

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