It’s true that some research has suggested that certain chemical compounds in wine do improve overall health. However, the dosage required is equivalent to drinking 10 (or often many more!) glasses of wine a day, and these studies are usually carried out without the presence of alcohol. We are much more likely to get drunk before our daily dosage of the beneficial elements is reached.

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Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream, so smaller-framed people are affected by alcohol more easily. However, this also depends on your condition at the time. Being drunk is not a good feeling whatever your age, and it just gets worse as you grow older. Common symptoms are dehydration, fatigue, nausea and muscle ache. This just spoils your enjoyment, not to mention the potential dangers associated with getting drunk, so why drink too much in the first place?

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True wine lovers never drink wine for health reasons. We drink it because we love it, because it tastes good and because it’s a much better companion for food than any other beverage. We appreciate the hard work that farmers and winemakers put into transforming grape juice into something completely different and, above all, we want to share our passion with our friends.

I firmly believe that wine is a lifestyle product associated with enjoyment and sharing. It’s like music – you can enjoy it alone or, even better, share it with friends and you can have a conversation with strangers over a glass of wine or at a concert. Like music, wine can be simple but pleasant or complex with continuous evolution.

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In the end, alcohol is a drug, albeit a socially acceptable one. It is therefore dangerous to drink it for health reasons and even more dangerous to promote it as a healthy product. We should enjoy wine for what it is, but it should be consumed with care and in moderation – drink slowly, with food, and don’t forget to sip water in between.

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