While most cafés in Hong Kong have run out of ideas for new food offerings, newcomer NINETYs is a breath of fresh air on the Hong Kong café scene. Inspired by his adventures in Australia, Bruno Koo, a coffee championship judge, has brought over the flavours of Australian brunch, setting the bar high for cafés in Hong Kong. 

The food

As brunch lovers, we ordered two of our favourites from back in Australia: scrambled egg and smoked salmon on sourdough toast ($138) + mushrooms on sourdough toast ($88). I have high expectations for sourdough bread at cafés. Apart from being slightly soggy, having absorbed the moisture from the toppings, the sourdough at NINETYs had a chewy crust and delightful sour aftertaste. The bread choice in general is well thought out – NINETYs offers apricot and walnut bread, black sourdough and beer bread. I wonder what the beer bread tastes like…

Image titleThe mushrooms on toast featured portobello mushrooms and other fungi varieties that were mildly seasoned to bring out their true flavours. For the smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast, NINETYs’ smoked salmon came in a tartare that was marinated in a light mayonnaise-like yuzu sauce that was refreshing.

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The coffee

At NINETYs, they serve two varieties: fruity and a choco blend. Bruno offers tasting notes for indecisive customers, coupling dried blackcurrants with the choco blend and almonds with the fruity alternative.

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Photos credit: @foodxphotography


 This café is a definite must-try. I am not sure if I will be back soon (only because of the prices and location), but the fresh ingredients, well-thought-out menu and sides that accompanied the coffee are proof of how seemingly small efforts can transform a place into a gem.

It was a shame I was on a limited budget and did not try NINETYs’ famous doughnut toast – the café’s signature Greek yohgurt doughnut topped with ice cream and fresh fruits. Neither did I get the coffee, but I will be sure to try it out when I pass by next time!

222 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, 2369 0118

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