Any vegans out there who feel like they don’t have enough options for healthy meals in Hong Kong? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Now, of course we can all search for delicious recipes on Pinterest, attempt to recreate them and, if we’re successful, relish the wonderful flavours. But let’s be real – not all of us are master chefs and sometimes we just want something quick and satisfying for our growling belly.

If you’re out with your non-vegan friends and happen to go to a non-vegan restaurant, you can always ask the server if they’re able to tweak a few ingredients in order to accommodate your dietary needs. Perhaps the cheese could be replaced with an extra bit of (vegan) sauce. You could also order more side dishes if there aren’t any suitable vegan main options or if the kitchen isn’t able to modify their non-vegan dishes.

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As a vegan (or future vegan!), it’s crucial that you take care to include some important nutrients that might not be easily available through a vegan diet. These include:

Vitamin B12

This is not directly available from plants but can be found in nutritional yeast, fortified plant milk and cereals. Consuming 1½ cups of almond, oat or rice milk each day is a great way to get that all-important B12.


Vegan sources of iron include cereals, nuts, beans, tofu, lentils, green peas, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables.


Again, look at nuts, seeds, legumes and beans, which are all high in zinc.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Fish and egg are known to be good sources of these fatty acids, however, both of these foods are excluded on a vegan diet. Instead, we can replace them with chia/flax/hemp seeds and walnuts.

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If you want to enjoy some good-quality, indulgent vegan food in the comfort of your own home but don’t trust your cooking skills, give Eatology’s Vegan Meal Plan a try. With specific calories and macros in mind, not only will you be consuming delicious vegan meals, but if you’re concerned about losing, maintaining or even gaining weight, our calorie-specific plan can help you to achieve your dietary goals.

These meals contains 55–60% carbs, 30% fat and 10–15% protein, and they taste great! You’ll be eating dishes such as vegan bolognese, vegan lasagne, tofu fajitas, chickpea-and-sweetcorn burgers, coconut-and-banana oatmeal and pecan pancakes – and these are only a small sample of the tempting recipes we have ready to prepare for you.

Intrigued? Email us at or phone 2368 6331 to find out more.

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