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Better keep this one in your bookmarks should you find yourself in Ho Man Tin one weekend on an epic urban adventure and your tummy starts rumbling like it’s a blue whale calling from the depths of the deepest ocean. Here’s our round-up of the restaurants, cafés and bakeries in the neighbourhood:

Flat iron steak at Top Blade Steak Lab

Top Blade Steak Lab

Select neon signage, a signboard out front that announces the chefs on duty for the day, drinks served with paper straws – now, this is our kind of modern and minimalistic neighbourhood steakhouse. Its concept is similar to a French steak-frites restaurant, where an unlimited supply of fries will keep even the hungriest of diners sated, except that Top Blade Steak Lab prides itself on its flat-iron cuts of steak. What’s flat iron, you ask? It’s a cut off the shoulder, not one of the better-known, premium pieces that you pay an arm and a leg for, but when handled right, it results in an extremely tender piece of meat. And the chefs at Top Blade certainly knew how to do just that; our steak was melt-in-the-mouth tender and juicy, with an affordable price tag that would be difficult to say no to. We recommend the herbed flat-iron steak ($150) and grain-fed flat-iron steak ($248).

4A Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 3956 2011

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Are U Labeler

Ho Man Tin’s Soares Avenue is a hotbed of hip eats, where enigmatically named Are U Labeler fits right in with its kooky neighbours. A casual eatery where you can find everything from porcini and wild mushroom risotto ($84), to portobello and eggs Benedict ($58), to Parma ham and salami salad ($78), its Western-centric menu, industrial-chic interior and neon and graffiti decor make this little café a top contender on many “hidden gems” lists.

25A Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 3188 5582

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Photo credit: Backstube

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For a quick on-the-road snack or a beautifully baked custom cake for your mama’s birthday, this little German bakery on Waterloo Road is a wonderland of classic treats. From madeleines to pretzels, hot pies to fruit tarts, poppyseed buns to baguettes, tiramisu to mango cake, Backstube does them all and will leave you spoilt for choice. It’s definitely our first choice when we’re in the area and craving some simple carbs, and it’s a great place to tempt you into stocking up your bread box at home.

67D Waterloo Road, Ho Man Tin, 6013 7222

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Photo credit: Black Sugar Coffee

Black Sugar Coffee

Ho Man Tin’s filled with all sorts of veterinarian offices and pet shops for doting animal parents, so it comes as no surprise that we should find a dog-loving coffee shop in the area. Shiba-themed Black Sugar Coffee is just the place to bring your beloved pup and kick back for a few hours to read a book or attend to some emails, accompanied by homemade desserts and consistently excellent coffee. Try the maple-syrup waffle with walnut ice cream ($88) and signature raspberry cake ($45).

8 Peace Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 3709 6259

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Photo credit: Delicious Eatery

Delicious Eatery

This hip, wood-panelled restaurant doesn’t let its remote location dampen its dream of global flavours and flair. When at Delicious Eatery, expect California-inspired dishes and grand offerings such as baked lobster, avocado crabmeat soup, rack of lamb and oysters aplenty, plus something a bit more casual like pizza and pasta. Workers in the area will be pleased to know that they do lunches priced at $98 for a main course and a drink, and they also serve breakfast from 8am, if you’re up that early…

8 Soares Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 2152 3232

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J’aime Pain

Ho Man Tin loves its boutique bakeries, and we love them too. J’aime Pain serves up breads and pastries that are more novel in comparison to their neighbour Backstube, which focuses on more traditional offerings. Here you’ll find intricately decorated loaves, QQ cheese balls, matcha biscuits, coffee cookies, Japanese purple-potato pastries, eclairs – this bakery is a dream come true for sweet tooths. Grab a snack from J’aime Pain to fuel up while you explore the rest of the ’hood.

100 Argyle Street, Mongkok, 2713 3663

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Photo credit: 小慳妹吃好西

Man Po (萬寶素食館)

Vegetarians, Ho Man Tin hasn’t forgotten you. Or, rather, Man Po hasn’t. This Guangdong-style restaurant specialises in hotpot and stir-fries, faux meats and vegetarian versions of classic dishes like sweet-and-sour “pork” ($65) and roast “goose” ($70). Man Po serves up an eccentric “sashimi” ($52) made from goji berries, with a smooth and firm mouthfeel and flavour that’s surprisingly similar to the real deal. Of course, for those inclined towards hotpot with more than just leafy greens and mushrooms, there is tofu galore, as well as vegetarian dumplings and wontons.

G–3/F, 67 Waterloo Road, Ho Man Tin, 2714 2151

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We can’t say we’ve come across many Burmese restaurants in Hong Kong, but we’re glad to have found Mohinga in Ho Man Tin to rectify this gap in our palate. When here, their signature mohinga ($48), a traditional dish of rice noodles in fish soup, flavoured with turmeric, lemongrass, paprika, ginger and garlic and topped with a split-pea cracker, is a recommended must-try.

12 Victory Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 9717 4328

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Photo credit: Naruto Ramen Shop

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Naruto Ramen Shop

Don’t be expecting any anime characters here – this tiny shop in Ho Man Tin is always packed to the brim with very real people and focuses strictly on piping-hot noodles and curry-rice dishes. And though they proudly rep ramen in their name, we’re more into the stone-pot rice at Naruto. The pork and cheese stone-pot rice ($57), topped with nori and bean sprouts, is our top pick.

4 Victory Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 2711 9088

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Photo credit: Sendonya

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Photo credit: Sendonya


And, for dinner, we have Sendonya. This sushi, sashimi and donburi joint is all about value for money and has garnered a loyal following. Get a large seafood platter ($328) to share, filled with everything from salmon and sweet shrimp to octopus, yellowtail and scallop, or order your own donburi, with choices such as the straightforward salmon don ($52), the lavish uni and toro don ($120), the deluxe sashimi don ($140) and many more.

2A Victory Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 2868 6008

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Sushi Miyuki

One donburi option not enough for our intrepid foodies? Here’s number two. But Sushi Miyuki doesn’t just do rice bowls, so there’s plenty of sushi, sashimi and rolls to be had as well. The grilled eel rice set ($88) is a popular dish, but if you’re not feeling like seafood, the homemade pork cartilage ($60) comes recommended. Lunchtime would be the best time to come round for a visit, as Sushi Miyuki does a worthwhile donburi set ($58) for hungry workers in the area.

6–8 Liberty Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 2768 9668

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Bubble Tea Work (丸茶手作)

Well, you’ve been fed on your day trip through Ho Man Tin, but have you been watered? Bubble Tea Work, a teeny-tiny Taiwanese bubble tea shop, should do the trick. From regular milk tea ($16) to something a bit more adventurous like taro milk tea ($18), Iron Buddha latte ($23) or Yakult green tea ($20), a cool drink from here should help you to beat the heat and quench your thirst.

12 Victory Avenue, Ho Man Tin, 2799 9265

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