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After bagging a silver distinction at The Spark Awards – Best Event and following a hugely successful turnout for last year’s Summit, the Food’s Future Summit is back with a bang this year!

Day 1 promises to be educational and inspiring, with a wealth of keynote speeches, panel discussions and two breakout tracks so that you can deep-dive into the most pertinent topics.

Don’t forget that our Foodie Market will be running on both Friday and Saturday, where new, futuristic and innovative products will be on sale.

For those who haven’t checked out Day 1’s agenda for the Food’s Future Summit 2018, here’s what we have lined up for Friday, 21 September:

Morning session – starts at 9.30 am

The morning opens with registration and refreshments at 9am, so be sure not to miss this!

Opening Keynote: The New Food Revolution

What would it look like to start over in food? Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of JUST and one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business”, will share his vision and plans for revolutionising the way in which the world eats, making nutrient-dense plant-based foods accessible and sustainable.

Panel 1: The Big Gamble

In the Big Gamble, moderated by Foodie’s very own CEO Lily Ng, get insights from venture capitalists and investors who are betting on the next big food-related innovations.

Panel 2: Dining in 2030

How are the top restaurateurs in Hong Kong and Greater China staying relevant in an ever-changing industry? Moderated by Foodie’s editor-in-chief, Alicia Walker, this panel features industry stalwarts who’ve managed to stay on top of the game in this dynamic space, including Chef Uwe Opocensky of Beef & Liberty and his new solo venture, Uwe, and Michelle Garnaut of M on the Bund and Capital M (who’s been described by TIME magazine as “China’s pioneer on the fashionable dining scene”).

Panel 3: How Sweden is Designing our Food’s Future

With Sweden as our inaugural feature country at this year’s Summit, look forward to meeting movers and shakers from this progressive nation in Scandinavia, who will fly in specially to share lessons, examples and policies on how Sweden is helping to design our food’s future.

Panel 4: Sustaining a Sustainable Business

How do you price your conscience? Early adopters of sustainable businesses, both large and small, discuss the realities of sustainability vs commercial success. Expect valuable tips and candid insights that will come in handy whether you’re an established company or a new start-up.

Afternoon session – starts at 3:30pm

Track 1: Food Tech

Technology is changing the way in which we live and looks set to continue to shake up the food space. Find out why, how and when, to ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

How do you “Eat” Data?

Break down this buzzword and learn more about its applications and opportunities in the dining scene in terms of forecasting consumer trends, behaviour and more.

Blockchain in our Food Chain

What is blockchain? And is it the solution to the problems within the F&B industry? Find out how and why this technology is so much more than just virtual currency and learn about its potential applications in solving some of the fundamental issues in the food and dining arenas.

Track 2: Food and Dining

Gain in-depth and insider insights on the most important food trends that are driving consumer demands and shifting the parameters of the F&B industry.

Will Alternative Meat Stop Being an Alternative?

Alternative meat is rapidly making its way onto the shelves and menus of supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. But does it really have the potential to go mainstream? Hear from industry leaders who’ve taken the leap and find out about their experiences.

Gourmet Dining beyond the Four Walls

Restaurants are not the only places where we can enjoy gourmet food. Take a look at the ideas, opportunities and challenges behind the ever-evolving operating models that promise to meet growing consumer demands for finer dining.

Gen Z: What do they Eat?

What do post-millennials eat? Is the image more important than the taste? What are the factors that drive Gen Zers to queue and travel for hours in pursuit of ‘grammable grub? Find out about the dining habits and priorities of your next generation of customers, learning from key food influencers and businesses that tap into this demographic.

Psyched for Day 1? Check out the full two-day agenda of the Food’s Future Summit 2018 here. Early-bird tickets are now available – grab yours today!

Our goal is to inspire and initiate change within the world of food.

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