I love Middle Eastern food. Whether it’s cheap and cheerful (Ebeneezer’s) or fancy (FRANCIS), it’s always so comforting and fragrant. But sometimes it can feel a bit heavy with its creamy sauces and oily meat dishes.

Enter BEDU.

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This new, cosy spot on Gough Street is brought to us by the Offe siblings, who are also behind Uma Nota in SoHo. It has the same fun, youthful vibe as its Brazilian-Japanese sister restaurant, complete with a large mural outside and friendly service. The concept revolves around the nomadic wanderings of the Bedouin people, a desert-dwelling tribe who journey across North Africa and the Middle East. BEDU’s kitchen is headed up by Chef Corey Riches, who brings an Aussie vibe to the food. Everything was bold yet fresh and light, with many vegetarian (VG) and gluten-free (GF) options.

We tried the following dishes during our visit:


  • Beetroot and mint labneh ($55, VG and GF) and homemade flatbread ($50, VG)


  • Baked falafel, hummus, pickle salad, tahini ($95, VG)
  • Cured salmon, walnut tarator, tahini yoghurt ($120, GF)
  • Roasted carrots, smoked tahini, sesame crumb ($95, VG and GF)
  • Charred broccoli, crispy kale, chilli, zhoug ($115, VG and GF)


  • Blackened squid, crispy chickpeas, hummus, pomegranate (market price, GF)
  • Rack of lamb, garlic labneh, za’atar oil ($180, GF)


  • Set yoghurt, honeycomb, orange blossom ($85, VG and GF)
  • Dark chocolate and cranberry clafoutis with spiced yoghurt ($90, VG)
  • Watermelon, almonds, mint sorbet ($70, VG and GF)

Honestly, pretty much everything was good. Those who like rich, heavier dishes may prefer a Middle Eastern place like FRANCIS, but BEDU is a great spot for lighter eaters. My favourites were the beetroot and mint labneh (fresh and tangy, and the beetroot wasn’t overwhelming), roasted carrots (especially when paired with the tender rack of lamb), charred broccoli (a lovely mix of flavours) and the set yoghurt dessert (floral and addictive).

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The cocktails are also worth mentioning. Infused spirits and seasonal produce feature alongside botanicals of orange blossom, dill, mint and rosemary to bring out and complement the spices from the food. The BEDU Sour was great, made with fresh beetroot, lemon juice and green apple mixed with verjuice and Blanche de Normandie.


BEDU is an excellent addition to Hong Kong’s dining scene, especially for those who enjoy clean and healthy eating. Note that the dishes are not huge; our table of four ladies polished off all the dishes mentioned above with relative ease. The vibe is lively and fun, though a bit loud. Those booking for a date may want to request a seat near the open kitchen.

40 Gough Street, Central, 2320 4450

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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