There’s a whole lot in store at this year’s Food’s Future Summit, including an exciting line-up of panellists who will be sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics. Your biggest problem is going to be working out which session to choose!

For 21 September afternoon agenda, click here

For 22 September morning agenda, click here

For 22 September afternoon agenda, click here

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Here are the speakers for the morning of Friday, 21 September:

Josh Tetrick: Opening Keynote

Food's Future Summit 2018

First up is Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of JUST, a San Francisco–based company who’s mission is to build a food system where everyone eats well. Focusing on the “new food revolution”, Tetrick will be sharing his vision of a world that is full of nourishing, delicious, accessible food. Tetrick’s company has remarkably managed to grow from 0 to 100,000 points of distribution. He will be sharing his insights into how he continues to make an impact, with plans to build a next-generation food company whilst helping to transform the $4.8 trillion industry.

Panel 1: The Big Gamble

Hear from venture capitalists and investors who are betting on what will be the next big food-related innovations.

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Lily Ng – CEO, Foodie Group Limited

Lily is an expert in charting new frontiers with a clear vision. Having transformed Foodie’s traditional print-based business into an award-winning digital platform that leads market trends in food and dining, as well as audience-engagement solutions for the business community, she continues to strengthen this fast-growing business.

Donna NguyenPhuoc – Partner, SPARQ Capital

Donna is a well-respected investor and entrepreneur who has founded a range of successful enterprises across a broad spectrum of asset classes including, but not limited to, technology and luxury lifestyle. Helping to establish SPARQ Capital, she has created an investment partner for providing venture- and growth-stage capital to founders and entrepreneurs of technology-based companies.

Manav Gupta – CEO, Brinc

Manav is the founder of Brinc, a venture accelerator that invests in founders around the world that are developing technology-enabled physical products across their many global programmes, with support functions covering sourcing, manufacturing, sales and inventory-backed lending.

Dan Pathomvanich – CEO, NR Produce Co Ltd

NR Produce is a leading export-focused co-packer of speciality foods in Thailand. The company is betting on the future of the plant-based industry and growing it together with leading venture capital funds from around the world. They are supporting several initiatives, from launching the largest plant-based accelerator in the world to building plant-based facilities in the United States.

Panel 2: Dining in 2030

Listen to how these top restaurateurs have remained competitive in Hong Kong and Greater China and how they plan to continue to evolve to stay ahead.

Food's Future Summit 2018

Alicia Walker (Panel Moderator) – Editor-in-Chief, Foodie

Having been in the position of Editor-in-Chief at Foodie for six years, Alicia is responsible for the creative process of the well-established digital and print magazine. She has first-hand insight into the evolution of Hong Kong’s dining scene and continues to be inspired by the ever-growing wave of mindful dining practices around town.

Michelle Garnaut – Founder and CEO, M Restaurant Group

Standing as one of China’s most celebrated restaurateurs, Michelle has established the venerable M Restaurants group across Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing after first opening M at the Fringe in Hong Kong in 1989.

Uwe Opocensky – Group Executive Chef, Beef & Liberty, and Founder, Uwe

Best known for his nine-year tenure as Executive Chef at the world-renowned Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, Uwe Opocensky continues to build on his stellar CV. He has overseen 10 award-winning bars and restaurants, three of which hold Michelin stars.

May Chow – Chef and Founder, Little Bao and Happy Paradise

Named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017, May Chow has garnered both critical acclaim and a loyal following of diners. Whether presenting a personal take on classic Chinese flavours in a casual American-style diner setting or elevating traditional recipes with all the refinement and sophistication of fine-dining, Chow is committed to exploring, redefining and exalting the value of traditional ingredients and local culinary history.

Jowett Yu – Executive Chef, Ho Lee Fook

Yu combines his Taiwanese heritage, experiences from his time spent with various Chinese communities, the flavours of traditional Chinese dishes and the use of modern techniques. He currently holds the position of Executive Chef at Black Sheep Restaurants, overseeing restaurants including Canton Disco in Shanghai and Le Petit Saigon in Hong Kong, where he brings his passion for Chinese flavours.

Panel 3: How Sweden is Designing our Food’s Future

A series of lessons, examples and policies showing how Sweden is helping to design our planet’s food-based future.

Food's Future Summit 2018

Professor Lars Montelius – Director-General, INL

Professor Montelius holds 30 years’ experience in nanotechnology, with his work focusing on lithography and processing applied to numerous nano devices. INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Portugal is the only true international-by-status nanotechnology RTO worldwide. Alongside his role as Director-General, Lars also works as a professor in nanotechnology at Lund University, Sweden.

Annika Grälls

Working with food and meal innovations at Alfred Nobel Science Park, Annika has been involved in cross-industry work aimed at developing innovations for products and services to create a sustainable society in the future. She is currently working on building food and packing solutions for hospitals, climate-smart food systems for schools and various food technology.

Johan Jörgensen – Founder and Partner, Sweden Foodtech

Holding more than 20 years’ experience within the Internet sector, Johan coaches and invests in Internet companies with scalable and disruptive capabilities. He has recently sought to solve the big question of how to meet the demand to feed the soon-to-be nine billion world population in a healthy and sustainable way.

Tommy Leung – Founder and Managing Director, GAFELL

Tommy is the founder and MD of GAFELL, a start-up with Swedish origins producing delicious ready meals in Hong Kong. In 2017, GAFELL built a state-of-the-art food facility in the city, and its food is available at major retailers, cafés, restaurants and hotels across Hong Kong. GAFELL is working to introduce locally produced frozen meals for flexitarians, with both meat and plant-based options.

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