Everyone influences someone (this is particularly true when food is involved), and we’re here to give you a leg up as a food influencer within your own social circle. These helpful tips will move you into a prime position to showcase your knowledge on all things delicious.

Sound like your cup of tea? Read on for five simple tricks to stay ahead of the dynamic culinary scene in Hong Kong.

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Are you a “pepperazzi”? Sharing your passion for food on social media will not only document your gastronomic adventures for your own records but will also lay the ground work to establish a reputation as an expert in the scene –an important step to becoming a food influencer in the community. And if you’re thinking, Oh, this is just another clichéd article talking about the importance of having your own Instagram page, you haven’t yet heard the most important part! Dishtag, a new social platform dedicated to food, connects food lovers, food photographers and restaurants at your fingertips, enabling you to search for yummy dishes and share your fave food moments with friends. Simply snap and tag. Your dining experience is instantly visible to other dishtaggers in search of restaurants and breaks the trend of hashtag irrelevance on other platforms. Dishtag streamlines restaurant information, visual menus and user photos, bringing together functionality and creativity. So the more active you are on the app, the bigger presence you gain in the community.

Be a trendsetter

food influencer 2To be a food influencer is to be the go-to person for news and recommendations. That being said, in order to stay on top of the game, it’s crucial for you to get first-hand information on restaurant openings, tasting events and exciting new menus. And if you too, like everyone else these days, are now using multiple platforms and applications (which can be time-consuming and stressful) to navigate the culinary scene in Hong Kong, come and get it all in one place instead – on Dishtag. First things first – Dishtag is a NEW search and social platform completely dedicated to food, so you will definitely be one of the trendsetters if you use it. With its innovative feature of dish-level searching, users are now able to discover dishes through stimulating visual menus on their phones alongside accurate descriptions and prices – a hassle-free way to instantly locate your cravings. Dishtag also provides new-restaurant alerts and weekly features on its blog rounding up the best and latest dining trends in Hong Kong.

Up your food-photography game

food influencer 3As with most things, great photos do all the talking. While we are all just one click away from capturing dishes with our phones, many food lovers struggle with the technique and styling involved in food photography and findinga platform to share their fave food moments. In light of the limitations of existing platforms, this new kid on the block aims to kill two birds with one stone. Dishtag acts as your secret adviser behind the lens, giving you tips and tricks to up your photography game while also providing a space for all the food photos you don’t have the chance to share online. So, now, your friends and followers can look to your dish footprints for visual and appetite stimulation and simultaneously get ahold of the visual menus and restaurant details. If this doesn’t make you a food influencer, we don’t know what does.

Stay connected… with other humans (what?!)

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Food always tastes better when shared, and that’s why tasting events are always popular. Yet there aren’t many small-scale events taking place in relaxed settings for food lovers to connect and sample quality culinary offerings. When they do crop up, the entrance price can often derail public interest. Well, here comes the good news: what if we told you that there are events like this coming up for FREE (drinks exclusive) and you can connect with industry professionals and food lovers over an array of yummy dishes and wine? We hear you scream YES! Dishtag takes you to dining spots around town and offers you the chance to try the team’s favourite dishes while making new friends and building your name as a food influencer. To make sure you don’t miss out on good opportunities like this in the future, join Dishtag today to keep up with everything the new platform has to offer on shaping your character in the community.

Our first event is taking place on Saturday, 13 October 2018 at FRANCIS. Stay tuned for news on how to register and learn more about future events.

More than a bite

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“If you are going to drink this drink, you need to know why you are drinking it.” We are quoting culture expert Karamo Brown from Queer Eye here to show you the significance of delving into the inspirations and history behind a dish as a true connoisseur of food. As you start developing an influence in the community, it’s all the more convincing if you can tell the story behind each dish. Wondering where to build your knowledge of the culinary craft? Dishtag brings you into restaurant kitchens, sitting down with chefs to talk about their beliefs, secret weapons and ups and downs behind the scenes. So the next time you’re out with friends or on a dinner date, you can impress others with your insider knowledge and strengthen your position as a food influencer on the scene.

Connecting food lovers to dishes, food photographers to restaurants, and restaurants to food lovers

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