Pacific Place just got a whole lot tastier with the addition of Sun’s Bazaar, a casual Asian restaurant opened by Lai Sun Dining.

The large eatery is decked out in colourful murals and quirky furnishings, seating up to 143 diners. Created in collaboration with Taiwanese food brand KiKi, the menu is filled with Asian comfort-food dishes, from congee, to noodles, to rice casseroles. KiKi’s trademark noodles are used in several of the dishes, and its speciality teas provide just the right fix for any boba lovers.

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We recently sat down to sample the wok-fried flat rice noodles with juicy pork neck ($118), which featured a hefty does of crispy garlic and chilli, as well as the tender Hainanese chicken rice ($98), with addictively fragrant chicken-oil rice topped with crispy shallots.

The deboned chicken with Sichuan peppercorn and chilli oil ($78) was satisfying, although we would have upped the spice factor and zapped the peanutty base for a more authentic representation of this iconic Sichuan dish.

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The scallop and vegetable steamed rice rolls ($78) were deliciously comforting, with the freshly steamed rolls soaking up plenty of sweet soy flavour.

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We wrapped up our meal with some seriously addictive KiKi teas. The roasted tea topped with caramel and nut cream mousse ($34) would put a smile on any peanut butter lover’s face, while the brown sugar milk tea with pearls ($32) tasted like crème brûlée in a glass. We’re curious about the winter melon tea with Sichuan pepper-flavoured pearls ($36) – say what?!

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Sun’s Bazaar also offers a four-course set lunch ($168) for the office crowd.

Another perk is that the restaurant is steps away from AMC Cinema, making it the ideal place to grab a quick meal before a film outing. We did a trial run this past weekend and managed to order and finish our meal within half an hour, making it to our movie with at least five minutes to spare.

Sun’s Bazaar is definitely a draw for us to continue coming back to Pacific Place.

Shop 112, 1/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, 2117 5903

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