When I received the press release from Ben (the founder of Bitters and Sweets bar) that was titled #TheBestBurgerinTown, I thought to myself, Wow, that is one bold statement to make! Honestly, what even determines the best cheeseburger? It’s incredibly subjective; everyone has different preferences related to how the perfect cheeseburger should be built. But I was very curious to find out how good Bitters and Sweets’ cheeseburger is, especially because B&S is more well known for its creative cocktails.

Cheeseburger at Bitters and Sweets

Ben was straightforward about what he was going to offer me that night: a double cheeseburger ($118), an alcoholic milkshake ($88) and a side of cheese fries (+$20). And off he went back in the kitchen, making the cheeseburger. It’s rare that the founder himself hustles to the kitchen to grill up some burgers! He must be really passionate about his burgers, I thought.

I don’t know why we always feel like we need an ice-cold milkshake to accompany a sloppy cheeseburger, because it usually ends up being a bad idea, with the milkshake becoming too overwhelming and rich to finish. But that alcoholic chocolate milkshake at Bitters and Sweets was a dream: an extra-minty swirl, crushed chocolate bits and super-smooth chocolate ice cream that met in a beautiful collision with alcohol. It only ended up as a bad idea because it was so quaffable that I forgot it was an alcoholic drink and slurped it a little too fast for my own good.

You can opt for either cheese fries or tater tots to go with your burger, but I’m a conventional human being, so I stuck with fries (but I regretted it when I saw another table order those cheesy tater tots – ugh). Nevertheless, the shoestring fries were great, topped with a generous dollop of cheese sauce.

Cheeseburger at Bitters and Sweets

Then came the cheeseburger. Wow, where do I begin? The beautiful ratio of meat to bun – check. The super-juicy double meat patties – check. One raw onion ring and one tomato slice – check. A good amount of cheese and sauce, plus a touch of thinly sliced pickle – check. I couldn’t figure out what that sauce was, but it was so good that I wished I had taken home the napkin that I had wiped my mouth with so that I could take it out from my purse to sniff it whenever the urge called.


Was this #TheBestBurgerinTown? Yes, but that’s my opinion. I still reminisce about those moments spent savouring that perfect combo of fries, burger and alcohol-laced milkshake at the bar counter. I’ve brought two friends to try it, and they share the same sentiments. Honestly, it’s difficult not to like Bitters and Sweets. They offer some of the best hospitality in the F&B scene in Hong Kong, with friendly, thoughtful and attentive staff and bartenders. And have you ever met a founder whipping up the food himself for his guests? C’mon. That’s hard to find. Maybe the arrival of Five Guys might change the cheeseburger game? Who knows, but this remains #TheBestBurgerinTown for me as of now.

1/F, Somptueux Central, 52–54 Wellington Street, Central, 2788 0103

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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