We are excited to announce that all Maximal Concepts restaurants are now on Dishtag! Maximal takes pride in making their restaurants hard to find – at least their visual menus will now be easy to find.

We started our journey with Maximal last summer. Blue, Brickhouse and Limewood were three of our first listings and posts on Instagram. If you are a foodie in Hong Kong, we don’t need to tell you about these iconic spots. We love them so much we even shot our brand video at Limewood and hosted one of our launch parties at Brickhouse.

We shot Mercedes me Store a few months after new chef Joaquin Elizondo launched his menu. And we were lucky to get the chance to shoot a selection of dishes from The Flying Elk for our collab with Taste of Hong Kong – the dishes are just so Dishtaggable!

We cannot take credit (unfortunately) for all the beautiful photos from The Flying Elk’s visual menu or those from Mott 32, John Anthony and Stockton. Maximal’s forward-thinking marketing team sent us the content to create their Dishtag profiles.

Every day is Earth Day

We not only share the same love for creativity as Maximal, but we also share the same love for the environment. The group say that sustainability is “not just a buzzword” and “from carefully sourced ingredients to daily operations, protecting the planet is at our core”. We love the planet too and hope that one day visual menus will replace paper menus. Imagine how much paper that would save!

Maximal ethically sources all its ingredients by examining the journey each takes and has also introduced metal, 100%-recyclable paper or biodegradable potato-starch straws at each of its restaurants.

Part of the Maximal story

We know that Maximal likes to create a stories about their concepts and spaces, and we at Dishtag are now happy to be part of the Maximal story.

We love this quote from group founder Malcolm Wood: “If you can’t eat it twice on the same day, it doesn’t go on the menu.” We say, if you can’t look at the dish photo twice on the same day, it doesn’t go on Dishtag! The photos are beautiful, so check them out on our website.

About Maximal Concepts

Maximal Concepts, helmed by Malcolm Wood, Xuan Mu and Matt Reid, is the company behind some of Hong Kong’s most loved and iconic restaurants.

It is best known for the highly awarded Mott 32, a pioneering modern Chinese restaurant, now globally spearheading authentic Chinese cooking with three new international locations.

With over 18 brands, all individually crafted, designed and positioned, Maximal Concepts operates and contributes to all aspects of the restaurant and lifestyle industries.

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