It’s our eighth year bigging up all the hard-working people pouring their passion into the food we love to dine out on with the Foodie Forks! Our awards are designed to celebrate the achievements of restaurants and individuals within the F&B industry – whether it’s for their cooking, ethos or the vibe they’ve created, they put their backs into making something we can all appreciate. We love to showcase those who labour over what they love, making all that pure edible magic, and our annual awards give us the opportunity to do just that.

Make your vote count and let us know who and where impressed your palate this year, and we will put them up on a pedestal to take a bow and get a much-deserved bit of recognition for all their efforts.

Want to see who took home the titles for 2018? Have a look back at last year’s winners.

Foodie Forks 2019 categories

Best Restaurant: Where do you go for a special occasion?

Best New Restaurant: What new eatery made a mark on your taste buds?

Best New Bar: Where’s the hottest new spot in town for a tipple?

Chef of the Year: Who cooked you a meal that you still remember?

Best Desserts: Your sweet tooth will tell you the answer to this one…

Best Café: Which caff serves up the best cuppa in town?

*Best Green Eats: Which eatery offers the best vegetarian menu options?

Hidden Gem: Reveal that great place you cherish that never seems to get enough love

Food Hero: Who inspired you in the world of food this year?

*Most Inspiring Initiative: Choose one from the drop-down menu or add your own initiative with a philanthropic, community-centric or environmental purpose that has inspired you in the world of food

* = new category for Foodie Forks 2019

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The annual awards held by Foodie and voted by you

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