For those seeking one of the latest innovative dining experiences in Hong Kong, enter Ignis, the newest hybrid entertainment venue that has elegantly merged a world-class clubbing experience with modern European dining.

Upon entering Ignis, one cannot help but notice the spiral atrium staircase that adjoins the two floors: a luxurious clubbing and lounge space defined by mesmerising LED walls on the lower level and an elegant upper dining level.

Ignis by Linx Hong Kong

Helming the kitchen at Ignis is Executive Chef Mark Sin. A Hong Kong native who graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu London, Mark has honed his culinary skills at some of the world’s leading Michelin and Rosette-awarded kitchens, including Tom Aikens and Mirabelle in London, as well as the highly esteemed Bo Innovation in Hong Kong founded by Chef Alvin Leung.

With a menu designed to be shared, Chef Sin’s cuisine chronicles a rich library of tastes where subtle Asian flavours embellish every dish, all the while utilising the freshest locally and internationally sourced ingredients.

Our first dish was abalone tart with caviar and crushed potato ($188), garnished with ice leaf, giving it a cool, frosted finish.

Next up was lobster bisque with red oil and lobster wonton ($78). The bisque burst with flavours that complemented the spicy, Sichuan-style lobster wanton.

To refresh the palate, we were next presented with a cold-smoked tomato ($78) dish. The tomato was cold-smoked with applewood to impart a mild, fruit and subtly sweet flavour. As a garnish, Chef Sin dusted the tomato with “tomato crumbs” and tomato jelly made with kombu sauce. For saltiness and more texture, he also opted for feta cheese.

Ignis by Linx Hong Kong

As another vegetarian starter, the roasted shishito peppers ($98) did not disappoint. These small, slender green peppers were simply charred along with aubergine and topped with bonito flakes. I highly recommend this flavourful and colourful dish (but be careful of the heat!).

Joining this vegetarian ensemble was a morel, king mushroom and confit egg yolk ($108) dish. This was divine. A heavenly mixture of trumpet, king and morel mushrooms was sautéed in butter and served on a bed of creamy potato purée, then crowned with a 63°C confit egg yolk (given its intense yellow colour, I suspect it was a Taiyouran egg). To add some contrasting texture, this sumptuous dish was then topped with crisp maitake mushrooms.

Up next was the octopus ($268). This was slow-cooked using the sous-vide method before being finished off on a hot grill and was served with kimchi butter.

Ignis by Linx Hong Kong

We then proceeded to the lamb loin ($348), cooked to medium and encrusted with a mint crust. The lamb was served with house-made condiments of onion jam cooked with red wine and sweetened with Chinese vinegar and a pickled mustard.

The dessert at Ignis was definitely a highlight for me, so do save room for the finale. As a connoisseur of dark chocolate, I felt blessed to be able sample the chocolate soufflé tart ($88), which literally combined the best of both worlds – soft, mellow and airy 70% dark chocolate on a crunchy sablé base, topped with toasted sesame for that gentle Asian touch. It was great taste and texture rolled into one.

Ignis by Linx Hong Kong

But what impressed me even more was the white chocolate delizia ($78). An Italian sponge cake filled with lemon cream, Ignis’ pastry chef, Gary Wong, has convincingly modernised his delizia with a powerful alchemy of yuzu, grapefruit and blood orange that will refresh your taste buds.

Ignis by Linx Hong Kong

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy our sweet tooths, we were delighted to sample Chef Sin’s baked apple ($88) dessert, which is comprised of layers of apple juxtaposed with chocolate sponge, 33% chocolate cream and tonka-infused orange caramel. For those unfamiliar with the tonka bean, this bean imparts a flavour so transcendent that it has been dubbed the most delicious ingredient one may never have heard of. Notes of freshly cut grass mingled with vanilla, liquorice, caramel and clove to add a new dimension to Chef Sin’s baked apple dessert.

Ignis by Linx Hong Kong


Ignis does not disappoint. The service is smooth and attentive, with the team showing keenness and passion for great hospitality. Ignis is particularly suited for those seeking a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience while enjoying high-calibre contemporary cuisine in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong.

1/F and 2/F, California Tower, 30–32 D’Aguilar Street, LKF, Central, 2623 0298,

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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