Evenings at Blue Supreme are intimate and quiet, with those off early from work grabbing drinks and bar snacks and small groups filling the communal tables during dinnertime. I was lucky enough to try Blue Supreme’s weekend brunch, and I returned to see what the new dinner menu has in store. With all dishes created by Chef Steve Zylbersztejn, the menu is comprised of creative, contemporary American, Middle Eastern and Asian fusion flavours, playing around with fresh ingredients and a variety of textures.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

We began with the Cajun burrata ($120) from the Prologue section. Cajun-spiced oats are served surrounding a large ball of creamy, comforting burrata.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

The house pastrami ($80) was also a popular starter amongst the table. The house-pickled cucumber complemented the meat’s honey glaze.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

The bar snacks wouldn’t be complete without Blue Supreme’s signature Provençal fries ($72), perfect with a craft beer or house kombucha. The spinach powder and smoked paprika gave warm, spicy flavours to the fries.

Then our table was showered – not to mention spoiled – with one dish from the specials board, six mains, one vegetable dish and two desserts.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Beetroot gin salmon gravlax with citrus labneh ($120): a Middle Eastern dish with a contemporary touch using beetroot-cured salmon, which added beautiful shades of pink and red to the dish, lain atop a thin, delicate potato waffle.

Blue Supreme Hong KongYakitori octopus ($150): a vegan chorizo sauce added a spicy and citrusy kick to the freshly barbecued, tender octopus sitting on a bed of earthy pearl couscous.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Sea bass ceviche ($120): avocado, red onion, aji amarillo, jalapeño, ancho chilli and sea bass with a side of fermented coriander leche de tigre made this a refreshing dish.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Jambalaya ($250): charred, crisp Cajun-style rice filled with lobster and crabmeat – one of our favorites.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Sea & Earth ($180): veal and tuna are mixed together and topped with wasabi avocado cream and pickled egg yolk. This was delicious on its own or with the fermented coriander leche de tigre.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Short rib skewers ($230): the Black Angus beef barbecued with a glazed pomegranate sauce and aji amarillo was tender, but better served as a starter owing to its small portion.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Duck burger ($195): a comforting pulled duck burger with a sunny-side-up egg – the yolk was the size of our thumbs! – on a soft brioche bun. A signature at Blue Supreme and a must-order (along with the Provençal fries). The duck went so well with the egg yolk, which became a sauce on its own.

Blue Supreme Hong Kong

Green salad ($125): julienned mangetout mixed with a burst of fresh mint, tossed with salty Parmesan and crisp pancetta. A creative way to get our greens in.

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Blue Supreme Hong KongThe signature milk and cookies ($60) and Jewish cheesecake ($80) ended our feast. The soft and chewy cookies are served with a glass of milk flavoured with milk and vanilla and remain a Blue Supreme classic. We just wish that we could have taken a big batch home with us! The cheesecake is a personal creation inspired by the chef’s childhood. Beer glaze is added to the cake, and it’s topped with peach slices and rosemary, giving a sweet, fragrant scent to each slice.


We tried two beers: Perry Somerset Cider ($92), made with barrel-aged apples that contain an earthy flavour with a hint of vanilla, and Moriau Geuze ($118), a Belgium beer that has medium carbonation with slight acidity, reminding me of a dry wine.


If you love Blue Supreme’s newest brunch menu, I highly recommend going back for dinner. The diverse menu is playful with plenty of gourmet twists. The laid-back and quiet ambience makes the restaurant the ideal restaurant for catch-ups, sharing a variety of dishes that are fresh, delicious and affordable.

21 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, 5988 3088, book online

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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