As an introduction to the Australia Dairy Company, you should know about cha chaan tengs. If you’ve never heard of a cha chaan teng, it’s important to first understand its history. According to Scalar, cha chaan tengs were introduced in the 1950s owing to the industrialisation folllowing World War II. During this period, workers needed a fast and affordable way to eat, and the cha chaan teng was the answer. Over time, this cuisine has become part of the history of Hong Kong, and people today still enjoy its convenience and great flavours.

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We went to check out Australia Dairy Company in Jordan, just one of many chan chaan tengs Hong Kong. It’s right next to Jordan MTR station and is open from 7:30am to 11pm, which gives people an opportunity to dine here at any time. Breakfast for dinner, right?

One of the idiosyncrasies of dining at a cha chaan teng is that the staff do not always provide friendly service. However, they always provide very fast service. So, although they may not be as welcoming as at other restaurants around town, the efficiency makes up for it.

the Australia Dairy Company menu

The Australia Dairy Company menu

In traditional Hong Kong-style, we shared a tiny table with two others as the restaurant was already filling up even though it was just after opening time.

The menu consists of three different options: Breakfast Set ($38), Lunch Set ($45) and Tea Set ($38). We ordered the Breakfast Set, and in less than two minutes, our food was served.

Australia Dairy Company Hong Kong

As someone who always prefers savoury food, this macaroni with ham in chicken soup hit the spot. We loved the simplicity of this combination, and it was the part of the menu that made the breakfast the most filling.

Australia Dairy Company Hong Kong

A couple of seconds after the macaroni soup was handed to us, we received our scrambled eggs and buttered toast. These eggs were some of the creamiest and most delicious scrambled eggs we’ve ever eaten, and the simple buttered toast was the ideal match.

Australia Dairy Company Hong Kong

Finally, we ordered milk tea (+$2 for cold), which was a sweet finish to this mouth-watering breakfast. The iced milk tea was very refreshing.

When dining at ADC, it’s important to be actively eating and not wasting too much time talking or on your phone. They expect you to eat fast – the faster you eat, the more successful a day they will have. In less than 15 minutes, we had devoured all our food and we were ready to pay and leave. The grand total of our meal came to $80. You have to pay at the front, and once we had done so, we were out and ready to continue on with our day. As we walked out the door, a long queue had formed (and it was only eight o’clock in the morning).

Australia Dairy Company Hong Kong


I would definitely recommend Australia Dairy Company (come on, look at those eggs!) as long as you’re willing to eat quickly. This is a very traditional Hong Kong-style restaurant, and for anyone who lives in the 852 or travels here, you simply have to experience it at least once.

47–49 Parkes Street, Jordan, 2730 1356

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