Piqniq is a rooftop bar located at Central’s H Queen’s building.

This Parisian-inspired bar has a truly unique atmosphere. As soon as you walk in, there’s the huge red spotted pumpkin that has become its symbol. Surrounding the pumpkin are many different types of seating arrangements. The way in which all the seating is connected is a great design concept as well as a great way to utilise the space. If you are really interested in seeing the views at Piqniq, they also offer standing tables right near the edge of the building (so if you’re scared of heights, you’ve been warned!).

Piqniq Hong Kong

The walls have beautiful patterns with different pink, blue, green and orange colours, and even the bar area is surrounded by a pink wall. What is really unique is that the bathroom has the same pink focus – even the sink is pink!

Piqniq Hong Kong

Since Piqniq was very busy (it was only a Wednesday night), we got seated at the edge of the building. Not going to lie – it was quite scary to see everything from so high up, but it was equally beautiful. When coming to Piqniq, you really are paying for the views, so being seated at the edge was actually the option I preferred, but if you’re looking for more comfort, the inside chairs would be the better option.

As for drinks, we ordered Moonzen Jiangxi Salted Mandarin IPA ($88) and Moozen Thunder God Ale ($88), which were not as pricey as I had expected considering the location of the bar.

We weren’t hungry, as we had just eaten dinner, but Piqniq has several food options that looked very appetising. The food menu consists of East-meets-West Piqniq Baskets featuring either three or six items ($198/$388), with a choice of starters, mains and desserts – green mango and pomelo salad, Wagyu sando and chocolate tart, for instance.

Piqniq Hong Kong

Piqniq Hong Kong


I recommend coming to Piqniq at least once! The drinks are a great way to keep cool on this rooftop, and the views are truly stunning, giving you a new-found appreciation for Hong Kong. And not only are you experiencing the city views of the Kong, but the bar itself is a work of art. Order a drink, sit back (or stand) and try to relax!

Rooftop, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central, 5200 1683

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