Hop on your surfboard – a new wave of change is coming in the world of food. A rapidly declining food ecosystem has mandated that the F&B industry makes heavy alterations to the way in which it works. Food-tech start-ups are rising to the challenge and designing a future of food that looks very different to the one we eat in right now.

The restaurant scene will look very different in the years to come

As someone who works in any type of food establishment, whether you’re a restaurant manager, chef, café owner or food importer, you and your team need to get ahead of the snowballing transformation in which the industry is going through. What will we be eating in the future? How will our dining experiences change? What can people in the F&B industry do to create a more sustainable food ecosystem? What do investors look for in a successful business? We’ll tackle all these topics and much more at the Food’s Future Summit 2019!

Food’s Future Summit Hong Kong

Want to see what the future holds?

At the annual award-winning Food’s Future Summit, we gather change-makers in food tech, forward-thinking restaurateurs, innovative chefs and global leaders to impart their knowledge and creations to the betterment of Hong Kong’s own food scene.

This year, we have partnered with Global:SF out of San Francisco to bring you the latest advancements in the industry from the Bay Area, as well as a slew of experts from around Asia and other parts of the world to discuss topics ranging from the next big gamble in food, to influential new and alternative products on the market, to dining trends and disruptions, to artificial intelligence, to sustainability.

Discussions, panels, innovations and more!

2018 Food’s Future Summit

Dive head first into dining trends and examine the way we’ll be eating in the future with our Dining in 2030 – From HK to SF panel. We gather top HK restaurateurs Shane Osborn and David Lai as well as celebrated SF chefs Tanya Holland and Brandon Jew to tackle the topic of an ever-changing food scene.

At the Futureproofing Food panel, explore how technology is changing the way we we eat and get up to date on the current state of alternative proteins. Be the first to discover brand-new food technologies at our Dining Disruptions panel and witness these innovations first-hand at our Innovation Showcase.

We’ll also discuss the ways in which the restaurant industry can reduce its impact on the environment and its latest sustainable efforts at the Reducing our Carbon Foodprint Post-Plastic Straws panel. Discover how the pursuit of wellness is reshaping the food and dining landscapes at the NamasTaste – The New Age of Conscious Consumers panel.

See our full agenda and expect more surprises throughout the two-day Summit!

If you work in the industry, you can’t afford to not find out
what’s ahead

As your whole team will benefit from the incredible array of topics and experiences over the two days of the Summit, group tickets are available for three or more people. Group tickets are not only amazing value, but every purchase of a group ticket also earns you a supporter link on the Food’s Future Summit website along with your logo. Book now and educate your team on what the future holds!

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Our goal is to inspire and initiate change within the world of food.

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